Wednesday, 14 June 2006


After straining and grunting for about two days little miss finally pooped!! Whoopee. Okay maybe not a cause for celebration in every household but it is a momentous occasion in my house, it makes her Daddy ever so proud. I was feeding in her bed this morning, having a lazy moment watching LK Today whilst giving her a bottle, when she went all beetroot in the face and I thought 'aha result' so took her off to the nursery to find a small solid dollop, very disappointing. This was swiftly followed however by a very large pant fill. My poor little baby is constipated and I have a feeling that I caused it with the hungry baby formula. Oh dear. Will ask my lovely Health Visitor 'J' about it when I go to Baby Clinic today to get the little dumpling weighed. A ny guesses on what she might weigh today?? She was 9lb 13oz two weeks ago, so my bet is around 10lb 8oz.

What else have I got planned for today? Oh yes, I am going to visit my 8 month pregnant friend and her 3 year old son for lunch. Such is the life of a stay at home mummy, we get to be ladies what lunch whilst the husbands slog their guts out, at a desk (a whole lot of slogging that is). I also have some other boring errands to run like post a letter to a penpal in Australia (we have been writing to each other for over 10 years) and go to the bank to pay some money off our mortgage. Yipppee. Another step towards my dream home.

Apart from that the only other highlight of my day will be settling down to watch Emmerdale and The OC tonight - I am obSETHed with The OC and have even managed to convince my darling 'N' that its great too. I will live in Newport Beach one day and become a 'Newpie', spend my days on the beach and in the coffee shops drinking latte in my little Marc Jacobs number. I will I will I will.

So there it is, don't you feel all the better for knowing so much information about my little girls bowel activity. You do, don't you?

love & kisses
Mrs M x

Friday, 2 June 2006

Oh dear, what can the matter be

I haven't blogged for what feels like ages but figured I should really get my finger out of my bottom (not literally) and do an update. Nothing has really happened in my world recently. I have been lost in a whirlwind of Christening invites, British Gas engineers, babies and housework.

Firstly Christening. What a huge headache that was - working out how to invite, who not to invite, where to have it, what to do afterwards. We finally decided to take up the offer from Mr M's parents to have the party at their house afterwards, we are planning on a BBQ and some nibbles for about 50 people (I say people, half of them are in nappies, and no thats not the grandparents!). No sooner had I uttered the immortal words "lets do it, it will be fine" did I start wishing that I could take them back. Already things have been taken out of my hands and preparations are running away without me. Inside I am fuming as I want to do it on my own, my way, but part of me thinks I cant be bothered to fight people about it so sod'em, let them do the hard work and I will turn up as a guest and quietly drink a glass of something cool and fizzy in the corner, but I cant pretend that the vein in my head isn't throbbing whenever someone else tells me what THEY want to do.

The British Gas engineers? Well as much as I would love to pretend that I was being surrounded by firm, tanned, toned half naked engineers called something exotic exactly is an exotic name?? Anyway, I am not, I am surrounded by a short, dumpy and slightly balding engineer called Barry. I came downstairs the other morning and thought to myself 'hmmph thats an odd mark on the ceiling'. Note; I do not often sit there staring at the ceiling, however on this fortunate occasion I did. After some clambering on the sofa, balancing on one leg and poking the ceiling I came to the conclusion that the hot water tank was leaking. My detective work was helped along by the fact that the airing cupboard was sopping the outcome of this? Yes, we have had no hot water for over two weeks! I am officially a soap-dodger, as are the other members of the M family. Damn British Gas came back to fix it this week but the tank that had been delivered was too big - I was all excited at the prospect of a hot shower (can you tell that it doesn't take a lot to excite me these days?) and I was let down and deflated like a balloon. Every time I turn the tap on and no hot water comes out I just want to slap myself on the forehead. Still hopefully it will be fixed next Monday and I can once again smell of beautiful fragrances and not baby sick.

The babies and the housework? Well thats just normal humdrum stuff. My darling daughter likes to scream and whinge whenever I try to leave her to do some housework, therefore housework hasn't been getting done and my house is looking rather scarily dirty. I did manage to clean it yesterday however, it seems that within about an hour it looks grubby again - so whats the point I ask you. My household regime has gone way out of the window, although visiting a friend today has inspired me to do more, I just cant seem to motivate myself. Her house was like a show home, and that is what I aspire to, I am just too lazy. Its like you have a baby, give up work and all of a sudden you are meant to become Super-housewife - although I am not a wife (but thats a whole other rant for another post sometime!) I need a good kick up the bum!

Arrrgggh what a miserable grumpy girl I am today!