Thursday, 6 December 2007

By order of...


How gorgeous are these?!

These, and many other variations plus lots of other fab pieces of digital artwork are currently available through Etsy in John W Golden's store. He is based in the U.S. but ships to the UK. Whoopee! I am currently deliberating over which ones I want to buy and adorn the walls of my new playroom with (I say "my" playroom, I obviously mean the kids....).

John W Golden has been creating digital artwork since the 1980's and from looking at his work, he is extremely talented. You can read his blog here.

love & kisses
Mrs M x

Monday, 3 December 2007

Christmas lovelies

I love Christmas, I can't help it, I am like a big kid and my excitement has been fuelled by the arrival of my two children. I also cannot resist buying nice things for Christmas and my collection of decorations and various Christmas-related items is rapidly extending.

I recently bought one of these plates from Emma Bridgewater. I think that it is a lovely range although unfortunately have no real need for the whole collection and decided that one of the nice Christmas plates would make a great plate for putting mince pies on for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve each year.

I absolutely love this set of hanging hearts but am not sure if I can justify £38 on yet another Christmas decoration so I am currently deliberating over these! These are lavender scented and adorned with antique buttons. They are handmade in England by a textile design company based in North Yorkshire called Angel Linens and can be bought through Not on the High Street.

Also from Not on the High Street are these delightful themed blocks, perfect for placing on a shelf or mantlepiece. These are from a supplier called Boxwood who also have many more lovely Christmas pieces like these cinnamon jars and these Christmas bells.

love & kisses
Mrs M x