Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Delicious Miss Dahl

or the incredibly irritating Miss Dahl? You decide.

There's been so much talk about this programme I had to watch and see if she did in fact turnout to be a Nigella clone.

My first impression, I wanted to ram the plum in her mouth straight down her throat. She does however have beautiful skin and a lovely bone structure which makes her easy on the eye and quite pleasant to watch, she's no Gordon Ramsay in the looks department is she?

Disappointingly she wasn't as annoying as I hoped and not nearly as much sucking fingers and lip licking as Nigella.
I liked her chit-chat and liked her kitchen (studio, or actual home?) but half expected her to do a Nigella at the end and creep down the stairs in a black silky negligee and start eating haddock straight out of the fridge with her fingers.

I have to admit whilst I did like her blethering on, I didn't pay any attention to what she was cooking which defeats the object a bit surely? About all I remember is something with haddock, there was definitely Parmesan and a Dirty Martini.

I'd expect Mr M to prefer Sophie Dahl to Nigella any day. He finds Nigella's "food porn" a bit much to swallow (haha, pun of the day) and whilst Sophie is quite heavy on the old Princess-Di-peeking-up-through-her-eyelashes look she's a bit gentler. When she starts rubbing the vanilla pods over her heaving bosom then I'll be worried.

I'll reserve judgment and wait for the next installment however I must admit to finding it a little dull and nothing groundbreaking. I will say this though - the poetry reading made me want to yack.

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. I would def have given the peanut fudge house room....and possibly boot her out of her "home" and live there myself....but I wasn't that keen on her....however....she may grow on me....:>))

  2. Hi Mrs M: Mmm I have to agree with you on many counts. I did spend the entire show looking at the kitchen - some great charity shop vintage finds there! I am not so keen on the themes...Selfish? I question this, its a bar of galaxy and some left overs when I am on my own! Just cook! I will watch again! x

  3. I too was ogling the kitchen, really beautiful! I'd like to know if it really is her home or whether it will emerge that she is a cheater like Nigella and her fake house, bus and friends.

    I liked the programme and the chitchat, very down to earth.

    No idea why I watch these things though as I can't cook half of them due to being veggie.

  4. NOT Sophie's kitchen!!

  5. I just don't really believe that she eats all those things. It's a massive turn off for me if I don't think a TV cook actually loves eating the food they make - having a skinny model stand there with a bowl of fudge leaves me absolutely torn - do I want to be a fudge eater or a clothes horse? She definitely didn't make me feel like I could do both.

    Also, am I the only one who feels that if I had a dirty martini mid-afternoon I wouldn't be in a fit state to cook dinner?


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