Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Gardening: Progress Report No 1

I thought I'd do a little update on my gardening efforts as described here and here. Obviously it's still going slowly, main planting is going to happen over Easter (or was going to but we'll see how I feel after the knee op, I kind of thinking kneeling in the garden is not going to be conducive to recovery).

I planted some seeds and guess what? They've started to grow! I'm quite sure why I feel so amazed but I do, I'm like a proud mother. I can't stop gazing at my little seedlings.

So far we have;

Carnations - these have been quite quick to come up and I've tons of the things!

Dwarf Hollyhock - These were the most exciting as they are quite substantial little seedlings and were the first things to begin sprouting.

Hollyhock - These have been a bit slow but are finally starting to push up.

Ornamental Cabbages - Look at these little fellas, two different colours, who knew!

and erm, finally Chilli. Yep there's nothing there yet, but I am keeping the faith.

We've also been busy planting two new bushes - raspberry and gooseberry. Okay, then don't look great but as some wise person once said "from small acorns mighty oak grow".

and for the main event - our work in progress. The vegetable patch and the chicken house. Now I know putting the chickens in with the vegetables is going to be a recipe for disaster so they will have a little pen around their house. You can see two of my raised planters just being filled there. We're going to have a few more planters and eventually there will be a green house and potting shed out here too but that might have to wait until next year.

Exciting stuff hey? That was said with only a small amount of sarcasm. I'm really enjoying the planting and nurturing and I have to say there is a huge amount of satisfaction in seeing your own little seedlings sprout!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. How great is that - I've held off planting anything because of not wanting it all to get frosted. I've potatoes chitting (chittling?) on the windowsill ready and waiting for it to get warmer

  2. Oh wow! You have been busy! I'm quite envious. We started to 'do' our garden last autumn and have now moved. Doh. Anyway, keep keeping the faith with the chillies because my friend grew loads of them last year and they were excellent :o)

  3. How kind of you to comment ;-)

    My potatoes are also chitting on the windowsill but not planting anything out for a while yet because of the frost. All of these are in the conservatory type thing off the back of the kitchen.

    Rachel, you'll just have to start the garden again! I have faith in my chillies, in fact I've not looked at them for at least a day, must go check!


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