Monday, 22 March 2010

Shopping: Debenhams "Blue Zoo"

Firstly let me start by saying, this blog post is not sponsored by Debenhams, but Lord knows, the amount I spent there this weekend, it should be.

No, this blog post is brought to you because recently I've really struggled to find clothes for my 4 year old that are not too babyfied or don't make her look like a mini-teenager. Why is it so hard? I am guessing she's at some awkward inbetweeny age. I've always relied on places like Next and the supermarkets - Asda and Tesco have always been great and I just love Sainsburys TU range but just recently I've found they're not floating my boat.

I've searched high and low for nicely designed, reasonable clothes for little girls (and boys) and was pleasantly surprised by Mothercare - never thought to look for clothes there since she was a tiny baby but they have got some really gorgeous things in at the moment. Boots, John Lewis and Marks and Spencers also came up trumps, however the Blue Zoo range at Debenhams was recommended to me and this weekend I got the chance to check it out for myself.

I went to the Bullring in Birmingham as it has the best Debenhams for miles and I wasn't disappointed, firstly because they had everything I had looked at on the website in stock and secondly because Debenhams stock some truly lovely clothes for kids.
So, what did I buy...(all images property of Debenhams)

This cloud t-shirt, so pretty and a bargain at £6.00. For some reason Little Miss found it hilarious. Strange girl.

A couple of dresses, again both reasonably priced. The denim dress in particular is so cute on, a very nice cut and the stripy dress is perfect for summer.

A truly gorgeous star print shirt for the little fella.

A pack of three great quality t-shirts, £12.

and also a very nice white and navy polo shirt which does not currently appear on their website.

I was very pleased with the Blue Zoo range, and could have bought a whole lot more. It's definitely going to be my first port of call for children's clothes in the future! Do check it out if you are passing a store, and do also let me know if you know of any other gems for kiddy clothes!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. Loving that stipey dress - gorgeous!

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