Monday, 15 March 2010

Shopping: Garden Trading

If I could do a "Supermarket Sweep" style run around a shop (or shop website) Garden Trading would probably feature quite high up on that list. I've been a devotee of Garden Trading for a couple of years now, I think I stumbled across their website by complete accident and boy, am I glad I did.

Garden Trading sells beautiful home and garden ware - many functional items but yet, so pretty too, all in my favourite shades of creams, greys, greens and more.

There are certain items I just go back to time and time again on their website, heaven knows why I don't just order them! (or, here's a thought, I could add them to my Kaboodle list for Mr M to buy as presents for me when the mood strikes him...).

So as not to keep all this loveliness to myself, I thought I'd share a couple of things that I am lusting over from their current range.

First up I have today discovered this amazing deckchair. I am a fan of traditional deckchairs, I think it stems from my dad's well-loved deckchair that has been recovered several times over and is still in active service. This one is fabulous, I love the cushion too.

An extremely functional item but stylish too. I'm always on the search for *the* log basket and this fits the bill.

These thermometers and barometers have been on my wish-list for absolutely ages. We're all a tiny bit obsessed with the weather aren't we? These are perfect and can be used outdoors. Seeing as we are finally getting around to sorting out our garden space these might finally find their way into my home.

This stair basket would be very useful for me. Mr M would hate it. I already leave the bottom of the stairs cluttered with junk, strategically placed to trip him over. I'm sure he'd think this was just another thing I've put there to get in his way!

Outdoor lights are something I need to organise and these fishing lights caught my eye last year. However I've now seen the barn ones and am being my usual indecisive self.

If you haven't realised already, yes, I do have a little bit of a basket fetish. I admit, it's a problem but this harvest basket is something I NEED in my life.

I also have a problem with jugs, I love jugs.

and china and glassware. Love this juicer and butter dish combo.

and finally (well not really, I could go on for days...) this outdoor clock. As I have young children we spend a lot of time out in the garden and alas, no clock out there. I'm not a watch-wearer so it means I keep having to take my shoes of and go inside to find out what the time is. Yes, yes. I could just get a watch but this is nicer.

This is a great website to get gifts from too, lots of gorgeous little things that you might not necessarily splurge on yourself but would love to receive, and look - they do a gift hamper service too! How wonderful.

So if you haven't already, do check it out. Just don't blame me if you are broke at the end of the month!

love & kisses
Mrs M x

PS Clever Mr M even managed to accidentally get me some Garden Trading lovelies for Mother's Day in the shape of the tin of string and a seed box! Weird, huh? I'm not sure I've even menioted my love for them before!


  1. Ooh, don't tempt me! I have a thing for jugs too *fnar fnar, Sid James laugh* and I love Garden Trading - so many lovely things.


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