Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Spreading happiness...

So today I received my first "award" from another blogger - the lovely Amy from Cooking, Cakes and Children. Do check her out, she makes amazing cakes! Amy passed on this lovely Sunshine Award;

I can empathise with Amy's post. I often don't feel like a real blogger, I wonder if anybody is reading or if anybody cares but I do it anyway because I enjoy it. If one person enjoys it and comments it feels worthwhile to me! I do get a little despondent when I have thought hard about a post and then nobody comments but what can you do, such is life so I just suck it up and move on. After all, I am as guilty of that as anyone - I read countless blogs and never comment but I am trying to make more of an effort.

The new blogging awards, The MADs (see badge to the right hand side of this post!), are a great idea and good fun. I have already placed my nominations and was secretly quite pleased to see that I had been nominated - although I don't expect to come close to winning because I am just not that well known. I'm not taking it too seriously and I do hope that others will see it for what it is and not feel too much like it's a popularity contest.

It was nice to receive this award, not only because it means somewhere I am on someone's radar but also because Amy said she enjoyed my blog!

So I am now going to pass on my Sunshine Award to the following bloggers whose blogs I enjoy reading;

At Home With Mel Mel

The Thoughts and Musings of Mrs Lucia-Wright

Whimsical Wife

Lissy Lou and the 2 Little Boys

Me, The Man & The Baby

Right, I am now off to check out the blogs of the other people Amy tagged!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. Congratulations on your award!

    I know what you mean about comments - I love receiving them but, like you, I don't leave nearly enough on other people's blogs. You've reminded me that I must try harder on that score!

  2. I just realised your blog wasn't on my list over there -----> Situation has now been rectified!

  3. Thank you so much for giving me that award! It really means a lot. I've now passed it on xx

  4. I can't remember if I commented last night or just intended too and then fell asleep. In case I didn't, thanks for tagging me it was so nice of you and meant a lot to me. I've since passed it on xx

  5. You did indeed comment Mrs L-W, you're very welcome!

  6. Awwww Thank You!!! :D Will happily accept it & bow down to the round of applause!! :) xx


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