Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Writing Workshop: Bah Humbug

Time for me to do my post for Writing Workshop #19 and this week I have chosen prompt number "What eagerly anticipated experience turned out to be a complete and utter let down?".

In November 2009 I merrily skipped down to London with Mr M in tow to the Business Design Centre in Islington for an event I had been excitedly waiting to go to for ages. The Country Living Christmas Fair. I love Country Living, I love Christmas - the combination of the two surely had to be a wondrous thing, right? Wrong.

I'd seriously been looking forward to the fair for ages, I'd probably wanted to go for years but it was a complete let down. Yes, on paper it was a great event. Some really lovely items, a nice festive feel going on but in reality it was overpriced and overcrowded. I wanted to love it, I so wanted to love it. I want to spend my hard earned cash on lovely Christmas decorations and beautiful things for my home but the truth is there wasn't that much I want to splash out on and I was disappointed that there wasn't more Christmas treasures there to be had.

For starters the venue was too small and they let in too many people. It was near impossible to near any of the stands by lunchtime and after about an hour I'd had enough so we retired to the food hall which was quite a trek. Once we got there we had to wrestle for a table before I realised that food was extortionate and there was no way I was paying for £7.50 for a small, naff salad (many other people were though!). It was not longer after this that we ditched the fair and went to Oxford Street instead. Far more fun and far less crowded would you believe!
The event had so much potential but was a complete let-down, such a shame. If it were in Birmingham and the tickets were a bit cheaper I'd possibly go again but it certainly wasn't worth the effort and cost of hoiking myself down to the Big Smoke.

I'm sure other people enjoyed it immensely however I found it a complete disappointment!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. It's horrible when something like that happens, all your illusions get shattered. :-(

  2. Happy April Fools! Dropping by from SITS!

  3. Yes events in London do tend to be somewhat anti-climactic because packed to the gills - best to go to event in the sticks eh?


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