Monday, 28 June 2010

The Red Shoe Diaries

No, not those red shoe diaries you mucky people...

It's fair to say that at the moment I am having a small love affair with red shoes. In fact, I am having a love affair with all things red if I am honest. There is something about wearing red that makes me feel fun, flirty and frisky and there's not nearly enough of it in my wardrobe (pink has always been my love up until now).

I'm particularly fond of red patent shoes and am now the proud owner of two pairs of red patent footwear. I'm also a big fan of Mary Jane style shoes so it stands to reason this blog post is likely to contain a few of those too.

I have started my red shoe collection with some rather basic, perhaps a little bit boring, Birkenstock Madrid sandels. I love them and they are perfect for the school run in the mornings.
Then I have these gorgeous Firetrap shoes which were a bargain purchase from M and M Direct.

You'd think two pairs of red shoes was enough for anyone really wouldn't you? But, no, I can't quite help browsing for more red goodness and look what I found! Red patent leather pumps from Jimmy Choo! At £395 they are probably a tad overpriced for me but I love them. I might well sell a kidney for them, or maybe even a child.

Back to reality...for those of us who can't afford to buy red Choos, there are other options. Ever since I saw these Irregular Choice Mermaid shoes on Roisin I've been lusting over them and they'd be a potential purchase if I could track them down in stock somewhere!
Killer heels? I bet they do kill. £49.99 from Schuh. These are fab!

and bargain of the week? Red MJ style shoes from New Look for £20. I actually have these in black as they are perfect for work.

Finally, I know they are not practical but for a special occasion? These shoes from Red Herring are gorgeous and only £22.40 in the sale at Debenhams!

So peeps, what about you? Are you red shoe lovers? And if you are, you should check out Caroline's blog and her Ruby Shoesdays!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. Ooh, they're all fabulous. I think I'd be limited to the BIrkenstocks though as my balance in heels leaves something to be desired. Maybe for indoor use only...!

  2. Aww, I promise if I see them in your size I'll let you know! x

  3. Ah thanks Roisin!

    Alison, I am a pro in heels - been wearing them since the age of 13 I reckon, not so much recently though due to bad knee.

  4. Oh my! I may have fallen in love with those Choos! Some absolutely beautiful ones in there *goes to happy place*

  5. Thanks for the plug lady - shame I didn't manage Ruby Shoesday today! :D

  6. Now, they're not the mermaids and they aren't patent, but have you seen these in the Office sale? x


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