Monday, 6 December 2010

I hate Tesco

If you don't want to read a blog post laden with expletives then you may want to switch off now.  There are no pictures on this post because the words speak for themselves (and I'm a little distracted by the Corrie tram crash right now).

I hate Tesco. 


I mean it too. What a complete shower of shite. Yes, yet again they have let me down and yet again they have LIED to me. I'm not sure if it's just the Coventry Tesco Extra at the Ricoh Arena that are pathological bullshitters or if it's all Tesco stores but if lying were an Olympic sport, they'd be right up there getting their gold medal.

It's too boring to go into the whole story but the long and short of it is they let me down tonight and didn't deliver. Oh, sorry, they did try to deliver but apparently I wasn't in. I'm not entirely sure where I was as I am pretty sure that I was at home during by 6pm-8pm delivery slot, in fact I know I was.  And quite how the delivery driver managed to try to deliver to me between 6pm and 8pm and get back to the Coventry store before 7pm in the heavy traffic and fog tonight is beyond me. Perhaps Lewis Hamilton was delivering for Tesco tonight?  Who knows.  All I know is I am sitting here starving because Tesco are a bunch of incompetent idiots.  

It's not the first time they've spun a yarn to me either. Oh no. Last year when they were late it was firstly because the store had a power failure, and secondly because the van broke down. But it didn't. The delivery driver told me it was all poppycock and in fact the manager in store had ballsed up and switched all their rotas around.

This is just the last in a long line of failures by Tesco.  Numerous late deliveries (or they've delivered too early), deliveries that have never arrived, broken refrigerators on the van meaning they wouldn't hand over my chilled goods, some really weird substitutes which make you wonder just how stupid the person packing your bag is and items that are going out of date that day. I've even been delivered mouldy food, not to mention them packing singular items into carrier bags which is crazy.

Against my better judgement, I've agreed to let them redeliver my shopping tomorrow, mainly because I haven't got time to go out to the supermarket tomorrow but I swear if they are one minute late tomorrow I will not be able to contain my rage.

So let it be put in writing. From this point forward I will never use Tesco again. 

Never ever.  I shall be utilising the services of another supermarket for my next grocery shop so please leave me comments on who is better - Waitrose, Asda or Sainsburys? I suspect Waitrose will be the out and out winner.

The worst thing? It means my Glee Christmas CD never arrived.

Tesco. You and me are over. O-V-E-R.

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. What a nightmare! We have been using Ocado recently and have been very impressed with the service and the prices. Hope you get your shopping tomorrow, x

  2. We tried Ocado for the first time two weeks ago (prior to the snow) and they eventually arrived 90 minutes late. We contacted customer service, as recommended by OcadoUk on Twitter and what did we get? A rubbish apology. Not even our delivery fee back. They just told us that they'd do better next time.

    We're off to do our own shopping this weekend and might, just might, try Waitrose Delivers next time.

  3. Ooh Badlady, that's put me off a bit. At least Tesco gave me a £10 e-voucher for my trouble.

  4. I never shop in Tesco, I think they're overpriced and shit! I'm a Morrisons gal!
    Although I have bought clothes from Tesco online and they arrived quickly, always delivered by a lovely man who either bent down purposely to look up my dressing gown or stared gawpingly at my cleavage.
    So good service all around then!

  5. Well there's a treat, you floozy.

  6. We used to use Tesco and experience many of the same problems you did. Getting food that expired on the day really used to wind me up.

    We switched to Ocado and have been super happy with them. They continually improve their website, their delivery staff are always friendly and helpful, they call if they'll be late (or even sometimes early), and the quality of what we get is great. If something is ever wrong, it's very easy to get a refund (the drivers can even do it on the spot if, for example, some eggs get broken or something leaks in transit). You also get text alerts to remind you it's coming and warn you of any substitutions - this lets you decide ahead of time if you want to accept the substitution or not. If not, the driver will take it away and sort out the refund on the spot.

    Overall, couldn't be happier with them. They are well worth the little bit of extra money (although they recently instituted their Tesco Price Check online, so you can see which items cost the same at Tesco...)

  7. I have only ordered shopping online with Sainsburys and Asda. S'burys was fine, I certainly don't remember any issues with them and any substitutes I did get were good and made sense!

    Asda on the other hand...... NOT impressed with them! They have always been on time, but there is ALWAYS something missing from my order. Always. I always shop there though, just don't get deliveries anymore.

    So I'd go Sainsbury's if I were you. Don't blame you for ditching Tescos!

  8. Ocado are brilliant. For a start, because the orders are fulfilled from a warehouse, they are much less likely to be out of stock - or can at least tell you when you're ordering. (Waitrose Deliver is done from the store and is different).

    Also, they really made an effort last year in the snow. I had a christmas slot booked for 23rd at 9am. The driver rang me to say he'd be late (we had lots of snow) and he kept updating me. The lorry coming up north had had a blowout and the police weren't allowing it to move. Eventually the guy got here at 6pm - yes, 9 hours late but he was off about to start his flipping shift having waited all day to do it and lots of others just cancelled the orders.

    Used Sainsburys when they first set up but used to get loads of substitutions but they have sorted out their stock levels now I believe.

  9. thats rotten, hope santa gets u something nice to make up for it, dont know wht they just couldnt be honest x

  10. First time reader.

    Yup, Tesco let me down too. I tried Asda but they delivered thawed frozen goods and were an hour late.

    I've never had any problems with Sainsburys, and our delivery guy is always so apologetic when they've had to substitute things!

  11. Hi Strawberrystar, thanks for your comment! I've heard a few bad things about Asda now so certainly won't be trying them!

  12. Not sure about delivery but the food is SO much better at Sainsbury's and not really very different in price. In my opinion Tesco's 'Finest' range is not as good as Sainsbury's standard stuff. Considering the lengths people go to put Premium Super Hi-Grade fuel in their cars, when it comes to eating well I'm surprised anyone bothers with Tesco at all - they're cheap on all fronts. As for their ruthless business practice...

  13. Morrison what a load of rubbish. Reported them to trading standards about there offers so watch out people. I have never had a problem with tesco all the years i have shopped there. morrisons do not label there offers up right. and when the offers are changed on a monday the sale offer is still being advertised. But they will charge you full price at the till.

  14. We switched to Ocado from Tesco as we were unhappy with the seems however their customer service is no better than Tesco..infact possibly worse, if you are thinking of shopping with Ocado have a read:

  15. Why the fuck are Tesco selling Easter eggs already? Nailsea store have them in!!! Xmas isn't even over yet (12th day- 5th January).They even put them just on the lowest shelves aswell.Not happy with filling us full of chocolate and other shit they convince us that we need for the 'finest' Xmas, they can't move fast enough to crucify and ressurect the bloke we've just celebrated the birth of!!! Greedy fucking wankers. Happy Haloween by the way

  16. Tesco are going to ruin my tiny town,Manningtree is Englands smallest town.
    There is a local market 4 days a week and lots of good little shops where you can buy anything yet greedy Tesco want to suck the life out of yet another community leaving un employment,empty shops and empty property..When will this shopping cartel stop

  17. Well if anyone is interested in how I managed to swindle tescos for a few pounds legitimately last night, have a read!

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