Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Best toys of Christmas?

This is not a sponsored post, I repeat NOT a sponsored post! I'm lying in bed with the flu, still, and pondering over what toys were a success this Christmas. The children got mounds of presents this year and clearly some are more loved than others, although I do have to say everything was well-received and has been played with - I think it pays to take time to choose things you know they'll love and that will get lots of use.

I thought I'd share with you the best loved toys and hopefully you might like to share with me what has been a hit in your house.

First up, the Playdoh Burger Builder

I was in two minds whether to buy this or not as generally these things get used once and shelved however this has been a huge hit. The children love making the little burgers up and even I have had a little fun playing with it, although I will admit to getting a bit OCD over the children mixing the Playdoh colours. That's clearly my *ahem* issue and not theres.  We've already had hours of use of this and for around £13, that's good value for money.

The Lucky Dancing Dalmatian Puppy from The Disney Store was a runaway success for my 3 year old boy.

In truth, I already knew it would be since he had spotted this in store one time and couldn't leave it alone, even giving it a kiss goodbye when it was time to go. Sweet! Yes, it's slightly annoying when you've heard "How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?" for the 45th time that day but it's a winner!

Next up the Rock Star Guitar from ELC.

Noisy? Yes, very but watching your 4 year old leap around like a loon with the specs and microphone on? Priceless.  Musical instruments have always been a favourite in this house and after a good few months of her playing air guitar (and quite well actually) I decided it was time for her to take it up a notch...

My little boy loves Ben 10 and had expressly asked Santa for some "Ben 10 toys". Santa delivered of course and brought him this projector watch. He actually doesn't do a lot of projecting with it however he does like the little light on it and when he wears this with his Ben 10 pyjamas I think he thinks he actually is Ben 10. He loves this so much he sleeps with it on his wrist.

Favourite game was Orchard Toys "Crazy Chefs"

I love the Orchard Toys games, they're perfect for my little ones as they're educational and the concept of them is easy enough that my 3 year old can grasp how to play them (and how to cheat at them). Crazy Chefs is a great game and we've played it so much already. I'm now eyeing up the Tummy Ache game, for them obviously, not me.

Baking Set from Le Toy Van

This was more of a hit than I ever thought it would be but along with the wooden tea set toys from ELC, this has been played with so much. I can't recall how much fake cake I've been forced to eat recently.  My daughter loves this so much and it's easy to see why.

Other favourites include bits and bobs from Brio for my 3 year olds wooden train set. His train set is probably his favourite thing ever so he was pleased to get a few other accessories. The Brio stuff is very good quality and takes a huge amount of abuse so whilst it's a little more expensive than some other products, I think it's worth the money.

Girly insisted on Slyvanian Families for Christmas so we got her a few bits but as much as she says she loves it and wants it she doesn't really play with it so it feels like a bit of a waste of money. She's only just 5 though so perhaps she's still a litte young for it?

Games like Hungry Hippos, Buckaroo and Pop Up Pirate were received well but I have to be honest, the quality of these games now is shocking. I don't expect them to last very long at all and was very disappointed with them.

Did you have any rip-roaring successes or mighty fails with regards to children's toys this year? I'd love to hear what your little ones are loving!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. Great review Mrs M - I will refer to this all year when my nephew's birthdays are approaching.


  2. hey not sure if you noticed but i named your blog as one of my fab blogs and passed you the stylish blogger award, careen x

  3. Thank you for the award, I did get your email - I'm just catching up as I've been ill and not really blogging so much x


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