Saturday, 26 February 2011

The tracks of my years...

I've been decluttering my whole life recently, and one of those areas that needed sorting was my CD collection of old, and boy did I sort it. It involved alphabetising and packing them all away in cardboard boxes as we now live in the digital age and get this - I don't even own a CD player!  

Anyhow, needless to say it was a trip down memory lane as many of the CDs were from the early 90s which were my "high school" years - the ages of 11-16 (1991-1995).  You know how you get all those "school disco" albums and TV countdown shows on VH1? Well they make me scream because they're always full of "Come on Eileen" and "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go".  Unless you were a teen in the 80s, they weren't what you were bopping around to whilst dressed in your silver babydoll dress tanked up on Strawberry 20/20.

No, what I was busting some moves to when I was trying to contain a McChicken sandwich meal and a blackcurrent Hooch in my stomach, were these little ditties that are going to follow in a moment.  As you will know from previous posts, I have an, erm, eclectic taste in music and always did have.  I could quite happily listen to Nirvana on my Discman before switching to a bit of Now who says 90's music was bad? Huh?

One of my all-time favourites (and I song I STILL love now).

Still listen to this - I'm going to be one of those embarrassing parents aren't I?

Aahh, reminds me of the love of my life (dramatic as ever...) and jumping around like an idiot


Carolina! Wind yer body gal!

Who didn't love Ace of Base?

Much of my day was spent staring at pictures of Take That. Oh is still is!

Nearly 20 years later and I STILL don't know what this song is about.

Still a classic

Amazing song, amazing memories

Obviously there were the heart-breakers you had to smooch to at the end of the night, or in my case listen to over and over whilst lying in bed crying at night because so-and-so had resisted my advances....

And not a 2 Unlimited track amongst them!

So who's up for a 90's school disco? What were the tracks of your school years?

Just me then?

love & kisses
Mrs M x

PS I'm now going to go and wallow in a pit of my own self-pity after realising that these songs are coming up for nearly twenty years old! How did I get so aged so quickly?!


  1. I love all of those songs - we must be the same age - I just turned 31! :-) I was listening to some absolutely cracking dance track from 1990 the other day and suddenly realised it's 21 years old!! Depressing isn't it? :-)

  2. Yes, yes! I was 31 in August.

    It is really depressing. I could have been watching these on Top of the Pops yesterday!

  3. Lol- remember Hooch?!! Y'know I have a similar taste in music to you - my favs from here are Nirvana & The Cranberries - fab tunes :) xx

  4. I remember my older sister listening to these kinda songs (she's 30), they were still classics when i were growing up to.

    Sadie x

  5. Ah, you included "Boom Shake Shake Shake the Room". Probably one of the ever songs I've ever made a conscious attempt to learn the words to.

    Not big, not clever, but a great song.

  6. What a blast from the past! And what brilliant songs. Am 30 in 10 days, so was in that lovely teen phase during the 90s!

  7. Wow, what a fin post!! I love a good declutter partly because it feel so good to get rid of stuff you don't need anymore but also because its fun to discover things you'd forgotten!! These vids were a lovely coffee break today :)

  8. We're around the same age for sure, I remember almost all of these songs, although I didn't find out about Take That until last year (one of my coworkers LOVES them, and is actually going to the UK to see their reunion shows in May, haha). My favorite bands in high school were Nirvana and Pearl Jam! Hehe.


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