Monday, 21 February 2011

Pancakes - how do you do yours?

I don't know if it is just me but does anyone else  only have pancakes once a year on Shrove Tuesday (and then do it to excess...)? I have been reminded today that the day will soon be upon us - 8th March 2011 and you soon won't be able to get a squeezy Jif lemon for love nor money (quick, stock up!). 

I don't why I do this but every year is the same. I love pancakes and each year I say "ooh why don't we do this more often" yet still we only seem to have them once a year.  We never miss the opportunity though, generally skipping tea in preparation for scoffing the great big pile of pancakes.  Yes, that's right, a pile. We generally make two lots of batter as one is never enough.  Especially as the first pancake is always a bit ropey and generally too thick.  I'm sure there is an art to making pancakes, I just haven't discovered it yet. (You can find some top tips from Betty Crocker for pancake making here).

Luckily, the good people at Betty Crocker can you show you (and me) just how to make the perfect pancake.

You can see in that clip that they are using the Betty Crocker Shake-to-Make pancake mix.  I've never tried this but I did notice it in the Co-op the other day.  I will admit to having bought  other mixes in the past. I know - there's no real reason to but well, I just do.  

When it comes to toppings for pancakes - what do you like? I'm a lemon and sugar girl - and that's it. Please don't contaminate my pancake with anything else.  Mr M likes jam which just seems like a really weird thing to do and girly would like ice-cream and choc sauce. I wouldn't even bother asking the boy who'd probably recoil at the mere thought of a pancake.

What's very clear in our house is that pancakes are a sweet affair and never, ever savoury.  I just can't compute savoury pancakes and the thought turns my stomach a bit. Sure, I'm probably missing out on something wonderful but I can cope with that, just leave me in my blissful ignorance with my soggy lemon-soaked pancake!

love & kisses
Mrs M x

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  1. Love your blog!! Definitely sweet in our house too. Lemon juice and sugar, cant beat it! When the kiddies were younger they loved them with Nutella too!

  2. We only really make them on Pancake Day too. In fact, my kids probably think you can only get them on that one day or they'd ask for them all the time haha.

    Lemon and sugar here too!


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