Wednesday, 23 February 2011

What a treat!

The best part of this post comes at the end, so keep reading...

I am hideously late with this blog post, hideously late.  The only apology that I can make is that due to the nasty bout of flu I had over Christmas my chocolate-eating went way off. I'm pleased to report that it has now arrived back with a vengeance (I'm rebuilding my tolerance up in time for Easter...)

Anyhow just before Christmas I commented on this post over at Rosie Scribble and shortly after an email arrived from my fairy godmother. Okay, I may be stretching the truth a little. It wasn't from a plumpcious lady in a tutu waving a sparkly wand, it was from Appliances Online. (Although who I am to judge if that's how they choose to spend their Saturday nights.)

Hurrah! They wanted to send me a gift and a chocolatey one at that and where better to send me something from than my very favourite Hotel Chocolat.  

I was able to make a choice so I chose two products that I have looked at longingly every Christmas in their festive selection but I have never been quite able to justify splurging on them for myself.  The Festive Dipping Adventure and some of the Liquid Hot Chocolate - gingerbread flavour.  Both incredibly luxurious and decadent.  

Thank you Appliances Online - they were just what I needed as a pick me up after having a pretty horrid Christmas!

And here is the good bit if you leave a comment below you might well get a treat of your own! I hope the fairy godmother is looking out for you right now!

I've just remembered I still have some of that hot chocolate left and it's perishing today so I'm off to make a rather large mugful!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. That gingerbread hot chocolate sounds amazing! Have a cup for me if there's any left!!

  2. Hotel Chocolat is amazing. Biggest thing I miss about Exeter :)

    Are you having a good day?

  3. Oooh how yummy,those dipping chocolates look divine.Id be so happy if i had some of thoses,I could dip my fave mini doughnuts in xx

  4. Oh they look fab! What's the liquid hot chocolate all about?
    A friend gave me a bottle of Starbucks Gingerbread syrup at Christmas. I likes to indulge in a gingerbread latte at times. Nom nom.

  5. My word that hot chocolate sounds amazing!!!

  6. I love Hotel Chocolat, yours look yummy!! Nothing beats chocolate ;) xx

  7. Wow, how fab! That Chocolate Dipping Selection looks lovely and I love the sound of the Gingerbread Hot chocolate.

  8. Gingerbread hot chocolate? Sign me up now!

  9. The chocolate dipping adventure looks absolutely yummy! I know that i'd just end up eating it all with a spoon though, ooops!


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