Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I went to a shoe musuem today, it was a load of old cobblers

All this lovely sunny weather gives me a shoe issue. What do you wear on your feet when it's warm?  I'm especially pondering over this due to our forthcoming Florida trip.  I've been checking out the feet of mothers on the school run recently (don't worry I haven't got a foot fetish, honest), and it seems to be a mix of Fit Flops, Crocs, ballet flats and Birkenstocks.   

Now I have about four pairs of Birkenstocks (all Madrid) which I love - the black ones I have are vintage now (*cough* I bought them in 2004...) and are my favourite as they are so comfy but I think I might just need a new pair or two for 2011.  Ssh. I like to colour co-ordinate my Birkies with my outfit. Current favourites are these babies
but I'm also considering one of these

but I refuse to wear Crocs - the ugliest footwear ever made.  Sure, they are bound to be comfortable - that's one of the reasons I won't even try them on. What if I love them and then never want to take them off? The fact that my kids wear them is also another reason for me not to have any although having just looked at their website I know realise that they do a whole load of other styles and not just the midwife-style clogs but the fact that they make Hello Kitty Crocs for ADULTS made me leave their website almost immediately.

and Fit Flops? well they just make me feel a bit funny.  I don't really *get* them.  Do they really work? I guess I'll never know.

There's a beautiful array out there but I can't do ballet flats.  I find them so uncomfortable, they slip off my feet and they show too much toe cleavage for my liking.  And don't get me started on anything with a toe-post (*vomits a little bit*) I like how they look but not how they feel.  I'm also total shorty so I like a bit of height and I guess wedges are good for this however my small-but-wide feet cannot cope with a peep or open-toe shoe, my poor little toes get squished through the gaps and I ended up all bleeding and blistered. NOT a good look. 

I swear all shoes hurt my feet, unless they are coated in a layer of Elastoplast. I must have sensitive feet or something as nobody else seems to struggle! Perhaps my feet need to man up a bit.

Anyway, all these shoe traumas do not stop me admiring or indeed buying, pretty but painful shoes and if I could I'd wear shoes like these every day!

Beautiful and much more me, but not entirely practical...

What graces your tooties in warmer weather?

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. I'm a ballet flat girl myself and have far too many pairs in every colour of the rainbow but I'm rather partial to Birkenstocks too. And are they giraffe print? I *need* those in my life! As for Crocs - they are just THE worst footwear ever, no? And like you I just don't get the FitFlop thing but my mother wears them so that's the end of that - no way can I wear the same shoes as her *snort*

  2. This post makes me happy!

    My footwear choices are quite ceremonial in regards to the changing seasons. Bringing out the desert boots (cheap Barrats versions of Timberlands) heralds the start of winter. When my Converse come out, it means Spring is here. Then my favourite footwear time of the year - summer - is when I bring out the pumps and flip flops :) :) I know what you mean about Crocs, the cloggy pair at least (and don't get me started on the Hello Kitty ones) but I have got a pair of "Alice" crocs which are more dainty and still very comfy. My flip flops are my pride and joy - Havaianas being my faves but also loving my $5 pairs from Old Navy :) :) :) The worst thing is the "first flip flop of the summer", where you have to break in the skin between your big and second toe. It's agony for a few days, but once you've done it you are good to go!

    Birkenstocks - love the look of them, but because my feet are so narrow they just look silly on me....

    I'm not convinced by FitFlops either.

    Here endeth the epic....! ;)

  3. Completely agree with you about Crocs. Won't even go there. And I LOVE Birkenstocks - comfy and nice for your feet too. Here's to sensible and comfy footwear!

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