Monday, 14 March 2011

Meal Planning Monday (14th March 2011)

Okay, here it is. As you might know from previous posts, I love to meal plan. I do it every week - planning ahead for the next 5-7 days what we will be having for dinner.  It doesn't work for everyone, some people like to be completely spontaneous but for me, it helps me to organise myself better, try new things and most importantly, save money on the groceries.

I thought it might be useful if each Monday I shared with you my menu for the week and I'm kind of hoping that if you're a meal planner you might share yours with me? I use blogs as a great source of inspiration for things to cook so I know I would find it incredibly helpful to see what other people are eating each week.

You can share your menu either by leaving a comment below or by blogging it and using the tool below the post to link to your own post.  I'll be sure to visit each and every blog post to check out your plans!  When blogging your weekly plan why not link to the recipe you'll be using if it's online or on your blog so that others can check it out.

Here's my first blog post for Meal Planning Monday.

Week commencing Monday 14th March 2011

Now it's your turn! I'd love for you to join in - get meal planning if you've never done it before and come back and tell me what you'll be eating this week!   Don't worry if it's not Monday when you do your planning - share it anyway!

love & kisses
Mrs M x

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  1. Oh I will do this later!! We have written our menu & heading to the shops now x

  2. I try to meal plan, in fact have a list running to the end of April!...however it frequently changes as my mother-in-law lives locally and will invite us over for dinner! :)

    Tonight we have slow cooked pork casserole
    Wednesday is leftovers, bulked out with home made bread

    Thursday was bean & pasta sausage stew but my partner is now playing football until late, have not re-planned yet! Might be pasta instead and some ragu from the freezer..

    Friday was Cod steaks, roasted new potatoes and peas....but I think we are now going out..

    Saturday is lamb meatball and pea pilaf from good food

    And sunday is baked ham, mash and cabbage...but also think we are now out instead!

    - I noticed you have the Thai chicken rice planned, is on my list for 5th April ;-)

  3. Fabulous post! I love to plan my meals for the week ahead as I love good food but like to keep to a budget. There are five of us in my house, me, my husband and three boys (6,6&7) I have piles of cookery books and a big folder and I look through them all deciding what to have for the week ahead! I'll start on Monday (yesterday).
    Monday - Asparagus Risotto from River Cafe Cook Book Two
    Tuesday - Fajitas made with Quorn pieces and peppers.
    Wednesday - Tagliatelle with anchovies and pangrattato from River Cafe Two
    Thursday - Tomato and basil tart with crunchy veg from Nigel Slater Appetite
    Friday - A spicy vegetable stir fry from Nigel Slater Appetite
    Saturday - Homemade pizzas with various fillings
    Sunday - Quorn roast dinner or Veggie shepherds pie

    Well, that's it!! The asparagus risotto was a first this week and was will be on future menu plans!
    Wednesday -

  4. Great idea! I'll definitely blog about this next week. In the meantime though, this week's menu is....

    Monday - Egg and Bacon Pie
    Tuesday - Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice and veg
    Wednesday - Chicken with creme fraiche and pesto
    Thursday - Spaghetti Carbonara
    Friday - Ratatouille with goats cheese + garlic bread
    Saturday - Lasagne
    Sunday - Nothing planned yet

  5. Please do this each Monday - that would be great - and if you don't mind, I might try to join you to get back in the meal planning mindset.

  6. Great idea...have added my latest meal planning post.

  7. Hi. Just seen you like meal planning! My blog is all about getting organised in the kitchen.I like the sound of your peach and prosciutto salad, yummy!


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