Monday, 21 March 2011

Meal Planning Monday (21st March 2011)

Here I am with my second ever "Meal Planning Monday" blogpost! I had a few people join in last week which was lovely - I enjoyed reading about what others had planned for the week.

As usual I left my meal planning to the last minute last night so it's all a bit rushed! Note the delectable qualities of the first "meal" on the menu. Can't really be called a meal can it? We're going to Ikea this evening so a light snack is order as a trip to Ikea always means a trip to McDonalds on the way home!
Week commencing Monday 21st March 2011

Cheese toasties
Chilli and garlic spaghetti with lemon crumbs
Thai style biryani
Mashed potato pie
Macaroni cheese

Actually quite a simple week in our house, I'm sorry it's not more inspiring. 

I hasten to add I will not be partaking in macaroni cheese eating (bleurgh) but Mr M and the kids love it and I shall be serving it up to them before I swan off with some girlfriends for a lovely meal out!

Happy meal planning people and don't forget to let me know what you're dishing up this week - and if you can blog about it and use the Linky tool below to link to it so I can come check it out!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. Your menu for the week sounds great. I've added a link to mine!

  2. I am so glad it isn't just me that plans meals for the week - my boyfriend thought I was a bit strange when we moved in together. Sometimes I take it too far though and get a bit stressed if plans change which ruins my menus! Our menu for this week is a bit chicken-heavy, I'm not sure why!
    Today: Chicken with tomatoes, with roasted sweet potato and butternut squash
    Tuesday: Spag Bol
    Wednesday: Ratatouille chicken (
    Thursday: Chicken stuffed with herby garlic cheese
    Friday: something naughty from the chippy!


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