Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Movie magic and movie misery

Last night I sat down to watch Titanic for the first time in years.  I can't remember the last time I watched it but it must be at least 4 years I'd say.  I'll risk public ridicule and being cast from society by saying I love this film. Yes, it's cheesy and the acting's not great and we all know how it ends but I don't care.  I think at the time this film was done beautifully. I say "at the time" because the advances in CGI mean that it looks a bit dated now but hey, it was filmed in 1997 - a whole fourteen years ago!

As I admitted on Twitter last night - I saw this no less than three times at the cinema. Is that is something I should own up to or not?  I was always going to love this film as ever since I was a little girl I have had a rather large obsession with the Titanic.  It seemed like such an incredible story and of course it was, apart from that it was fact rather than fiction.  It's still something that captivates people nearly a hundred years later.  For me it was the splendour and glamour of this big ship and the rich, beautiful people that sailed on it. Then there were the tales of the third class passengers off to start new lives in America with their families, most of which never made it.  The thought of this huge ship lying at the bottom of the see fascinated me and thanks to modern technology, the pictures still do. All those eerie pictures of peoples possessions lying at the bottom of the Atlantic.  I've read a great many books, seen documentaries, been to exhibitions and I still I want to know more all the time.

I was quite excited to hear yesterday that Julian Fellowes is writing a TV mini-series about the Titanic which is starting filming very soon. I have high hopes for this based on the work he has done on both Downton Abbey and Gosford Park.  Obviously it will be quite fictional but it should still be a good watch.

Back to the film and the misery part. was merrily sat watching, shouting out random bits of Titanic and film trivia at Mr M and got to the dreaded iceberg part when...the film stopped and it asked me to put in disc 2. What? Of course disc 2 was in the case squirreled away in the loft as I keep DVDs in a folder so it meant I had to cease watching at that point. How very frustrating and unfulfilling! Why would you put a film on two discs? Why? The DVD I have was a special edition, exclusive to HMV with tons of extras - I told you I hadn't watched it for ages, I'd clearly erased this annoyance from my mind!

Anyway, I'd seen enough to be able to comment on just how beautiful Kate Winslet was in that film. I've never been a huge fan of hers but I think she was just the most gorgeous I have ever seen her. 

I adore the dress she wears in these scenes

Do you remember when she wore this green dress to the Oscars in 1998? I remember  back then thinking, wow!

Are you a Titanic lover? or do you have some other secret obsession?

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. I love Titanic. I also saw it 3 times at the cinema, I kept taking people to see it!

  2. Oh I love it too! It's so romantic and wonderful. I adore it!

  3. I adore it too, and so does my dad. There will always be something about the beauty young leo that does it for me too!

  4. I only watched it once at the cinema but I met my mum afterwards in the supermarket and started weeping when I was telling her about it! The old couple hugging and the mother putting her children to bed just kill me *wells up*...

  5. Who doesn't like this movie? Even my boyfried cried during watching it:)


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