Thursday, 21 April 2011

Kitchen Sneak Peek (Fusions Taste Team)

See that badge over there, to the left? I've become a member of the World Foods Fusions Taste Team. This basically means myself, and the other bloggers in the team are going to be set cooking challenges. Eep.
Anyhow, one of the first things we have been asked to do is share our kitchen with everyone. So here it is, this is where the *cough* magic happens... (and yes, I did give it a quick clean before I took the photos, nobody needed to see the dead gnat corpses from the massacre this morning).


Look at those cakes under the glass dome - they look lovely don't they? Yummy! Only, they're not. They've been there since I got married in September 2009! 

There it is in all it's glory.  I'd love to hear all about your kitchens and I'm looking forward to sneaking a peek at the other members of the Fusion Taste Teams kitchens, you can already check out Jo at Comfort Bite's kitchen here.

Oh and one last thing, please do pop over to Facebook and "like" the Fusion of Flavours page so you can keep up to date with all the comings and goings of the taste team!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. Oh, your kitchen is VERY nice!
    I'm glad you came clean about the cakes under the dome - I was definitely already feeling a bit inadequate!

  2. LOVE this! Love having a sticky-beak at other people's kitchens. Yours looks great, and very tidy.... ;)

  3. Love your post! I want your cake tins! lol!! Thanks for sharing - look forward to catching up more during our Fusion of Flavours challenges :)

  4. I have kitchen envy! Yours is gorgeous, we have fairly similar taste in tins and 'things' but yours fit in with the rest of your kitchen much better than they do in mine! Beautiful :-)

  5. What a neat Kitchen!! Love it :)

  6. That's two very smart kitchens I have just taken a peak at! Runs off to clean up before taking photographs .......

  7. Love your kitchen :). Looking forward to reading the cooking challenges x


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