Monday, 18 April 2011

Meal Planning Monday (18th April 2011)

This week is a bit lazy. Okay it's a lot lazy. I have no excuse for it really as the kids are off school and apart from a couple of days at work I have all the time in the world, however I am going to use this week to catch up on some cooking that needs to be done for blog reviews. I have products that I have received from Kents Kitchen and Very Lazy so I plan to cook up a couple of those this week and get those done.  I'm also trying to clear out my cupboards so a few meals this week may also be inspired by that!

Week commencing 18th April 2011
Saucy sausage pasta & garlic bread
Caribbean chicken (Very Lazy cooking concentrate)
Beef rendang  (Kents Kitchen meal kit)
Glazed hoisin duck & creamed potatoes
Slow cooked lamb with onions & thyme & other trimmings

I'm also making a fridge cake/rocky road style thing, some cheese & marmite muffins, Easter nests and perhaps a lemon curd Victoria sponge if I have the time and inclination!

As ever, what are you planning this week? Anything special for Easter? and don't forget to join in with Linky below and spread the word about Meal Planning Monday!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. I think it is sensible, rather than lazy, to take the odd shortcut in the kitchen - especially if it results in something tasty to eat!

    Although, having said that, I did see a pot of pre-peeled garlic cloves in the supermarket the other day and did wonder what kind of person was so busy they didn't have time to peel their own garlic?


  2. That all sounds lovely! Those products you're reviewing sound good.


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