Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Movie Meme...Favourite Actress

Once again, joining in with Metal Mummy's Movie Meme.  This week she has asked us to tell her who our favourite actress is.

This is a toughie and she's already snaffled the amazing Helena Bonham Carter. There's so many I could choose...Audrey Hepburn, Doris Day, Elizabeth Taylor, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon to name but a few however I've decided on a more modern choice for no other reason than that I love her.

Rachel McAdams. Why? She's completely gorgeous for starters and so watchable. She is in three films that I love - two of which are quoted from on a daily basis.

Yes, I am one of those people that cry at The Notebook. 

Yes, I watch Mean Girls at least once a month.

Yes, I really enjoyed the film adaptation of The Time Travellers Wife (but not as much as I loved the book...).

She was loveable in Wedding Crashers and I can't wait to see how she is in Midnight in Paris.
So there it is. Who is your favourite actress right now?

love & kisses
Mrs M x

PS She was also on the receiving end of that kiss. Man. I've just watched it again. I may have swooned.


  1. I'm also one of them that cries at the Notebook.

    Her name did whizz through my mind when I was thinking of my favourite, so you're not alone!

    And she is exceedingly beautiful. Jammy bugger x

  2. Wow I have honestly never heard of this lady but do agree she is a looker - must get round to watching the Time Travellers Wife x

  3. She's great in Sherlock Holmes too :) She rocks the Victorian look!

  4. I've not seen The Notebook! But I liked her in Sherlock Holmes and I've heard she's good in Morning Glory too. Nice choice :)

  5. Sorry I'm only just commenting now.

    Great choice - she is a great actress. I have read the Time Travellers Wife book but have yet to see the film. Need to remedy that!

  6. I'm hiding in the corner here as I haven't seen any of those films. I have been meaning to watch the Notebook and each time Mean Girls is on I want to watch it but forge and I would really like to watch The Time Travellers Wife. Great suggestion.

  7. I didn't recognise the name at first, but I did recognise her photo. I loved her in The Time Traveller's Wife, but I don't recall seeing her in anything else. Will have to go have a look now.


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