Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Movie Meme...Horror

I must admit when I saw the theme for this weeks movie meme over at Metal Mummy I did wonder if I'd have anything to add. Horror - and particularly ones that scare you. Well thats flippin' easy, they all do! I avoid horror films at all costs. Whilst I want to see them and enjoy them at the time they give me nightmares. Proper nightmares. I obviously have no control over these so I deal with them by just avoiding horror movies which is a shame because I do love a bit of blood, guts and gore.

I've seen some old 80's horror films but the last time I saw a horror movie was in the 90's - right in the slasher-movie boom when we were spoiled for choice with films like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Okay I'll admit, it's not just nightmares. Scenes from horror movies tend to stick in my mind much to my friends hilarity. You know Drew Barrymore's boyfriend on the patio in Scream? Yes, I often think I am going to see that happen. In Scream 2 when they guy is in the toilet cubicle at the cinema? Yes, I'm always wary when entering quiet toilets and even more ridiculous is the fact that before I get into my car when it's dark I check the back seats and the boot (it's an estate car) because of this film.

Urban Legend. This film came out when I was 18 so you can see why it might appeal to me.

Didn't you just love an Urban Legend when you were younger? Bloody Mary, lovers lane, killer in the backseat...

Arrggh! I'll be having nightmares all over again! (That scary dude above was actually the voice of Chucky in Childs Play too fact-finders).

So there it is Urban Legend, my choice for this weeks meme. I did enjoy it, honest, in a freaked out kind of way. I am of course in no way vouching for this film or saying you should watch it but I guess if you've not seen it and you liked those films from the Scream era you'd probably like this.

What's your favourite horror movie? or do you avoid them like me?

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. I love Urban Legend. Such a good film.

    And don't worry, I check the back seat before I get in the car too. You just don't know! x

  2. I forgot about this! This was the first horror film I watched with my husband! Fab choice.

  3. I really enjoyed this film...I loved the premise of it, bringing all those stories to life! x

  4. Can't be too careful when it comes to checking those back seats of the car!

  5. Ooh I don't think I've seen this... must rectify :)

  6. oh it is bloody scary! x

  7. Been ages since I have seen this! Great film :)

  8. Oooh such a fab film. SO scary! Can't believe I forgot about this - such a fab choice!

    The bit that freaks me out too (I think it's in this one) is when the 'dog' licks the girls hand every night before she goes to sleep but then she discovers the dog is dead and it creeps me out thinking about who/what has been licking her hand.


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