Monday, 25 April 2011

Product Review: Rapunzel Tower Tent

After Tweeting about going to see Tangled recently as I was offered the chance to review the Rapunzel Tower Tent.  Seeing as I had two Tangled fans in the house I couldn't pass up this offer!

The tent arrived and after only about 5 minutes of me getting a bit grumpy (me and tent poles are never a good combination) it was up and ready for the playing.  This is clearly worth noting as for once I didn't need the assistance of Mr M as the instructions were easy to follow, even for an incomptetent person like me! In fact really all that you need to do to get this up and running is pop in a few poles.

It was larger than I expected, so large in fact that you can easily fit in two small children, one adult (not so easily) and the head and shoulders of another adult. Ahem. You don't really need to know the gory details of that though, it was quite an unpleasant experience for all involved...

It's very nicely decorated with flowers, birds and of course Rapunzel - all in pleasant pink and purple Tangled colours. I was a little worried this would put the boy off playing with it but he's played with it just as much as my daughter has.  It folds away quite compact when not in use but I must admit we generally have it up all the time and as you can see when it's not being used by rowdy children, it becomes a house for all kinds of cretins.

 (sorry, doesn't come complete with oversized Fimble and overdressed kitty)
We've had the tent up in our play area for a good few weeks, before moving it to the little madam's bedroom. It has had a lot of abuse and still looks as good as new, it's very well made.  It's currently residing in the garden enjoying the Easter sunshine. Yes, it's perfect as it is designed to be used in and outside.  This means on rainy days you can let your children's imagination run wild - tea parties are often held inside the tower, and on warm days like today it can provide a little bit of shade in the garden and a bit of respite for mother whilst the children role-play to their hearts content and she sits in the sunshine sipping on a Pimms.

 (sans Fimbles and children but perhaps with a few lingering gnats)

I can predict hours of fun with this tent over the summer months, especially when the childrens friends come round to play.  Perhaps I'll have a contest to see how many children can we fit in a tent? Place your bets...

The Disney Princess Rapunzel Tower Tent from Worlds Apart is suitable for children aged 2+ and retails at around £30 in stores such as Amazon, Debenhams, Tesco and ELC.  It's perfect for any little princess, or in our case, prince as well!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. Your review is very good! If I had children I would have been persuated to buy them one :)

  2. Great review, i had something similar when i was younger, hours of fun :).

    Sadie x


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