Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Meme: Most visited websites

I have been tagged by Fay at Glass Half Full on a meme. As the title above suggests, it's all about the websites I visit the most. I'm a bit of a nosy beggar so this kind of meme really appeals to me - I like to see what other people get up to on the internet, although nobody appears to be admitting to any of the, erm, less salubrious websites out there.

So, obviously there are the usual's like Twitter and Facebook that get a daily hourly visit so I won't talk much about those, instead sharing a couple of my other favourites.

IMDB - I could seriously waste half of my life on this website. I'm such a film and TV geek, and as soon as I've watched a film I look it up on IMDB, in fact I often do it whilst I am watching the film. How sad is that?

The Dibb - I am a Disney holiday planning geek of massive proportions, even when I'm not actually going on a Disney holiday anytime soon and this website is THE BOMB in terms of trip planning. It's full of information and the forums are jam-packed with very knowledgeable people and I like nosing at other peoples holiday pictures. So there.

BBC Good Food - For general day-to-day inspiration, I'm not sure this website can be beaten. It's my fallback and I use it constantly.

The Daily Mail - So shoot me. I love it for the celebrity stories (yes, I am indeed that shallow) and for the general gossip and it's an incredibly bad week if I haven't read something that has made me want to throttle Liz Jones. Honestly, it's like picking a scab.

Rightmove - I probably look at Rightmove about 5-6 times a week, honest. Looking at dream homes, spying on people I know and planning for a holiday home. Cannot get enough of looking at houses, it's a problem.

So there you have it, all my dirty little website secrets. 

I won't tag anyone as not sure who has done this and who hasn't but feel free to pick this meme up and run with it - if you do, come back and let me know so I can have a peek at yours.

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. THANK YOU!!! I so appreciate this site. This is the information I was looking for.

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  3. I all ways look at rightmove i dont have a clue why i just love looking at people houses


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