Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday Foody Round Up #3

It's been a few months since I've done a Friday Foody Round Up, mainly because I haven't been sent a lot of food (what a travesty!) and also because I've had other things to be blogging about but it's time for a catch-up.  Here is what I have been trying out recently...

Quality Street
I was asked if I'd like to be sent some chocolate and I had to take, ooh, two seconds to think about it before saying YES! I've always loved Quality Street since I was a little girl. They remind me a lot of my nan who always bought a big glass jar at Christmas that I would of course raid every time I went round there. I was sent this tin, a limited edition 75th birthday tin which was stacked full of chocolate goodness!  We all have our favourites in the M household, which is fortunate as it means there is no squabbling. I'm all about the Toffee Deluxe and strangely, the Toffee Penny. Everyone I know disses the Toffee Penny but I love it. The little lady is a Fudge fan whilst the boy has developed at a taste for the Coconut Eclair. Mr M is partial to The Purple One, which is lucky as I was also sent to of these lovely bars to try out.

and no, I didn't get to try any but I was reliably informed it was delicious!

Häagan-Dazs Secret Sensations

Always a fan of ice-cream, and Häagan-Dazs in particular (mmm Strawberry Cheesecake flavour...) when I was asked if I'd like to become part of Häagan-Dazs Loves blogger club I didn't say no. One of the perks is free ice-cream at the Häagan-Dazs shop and they also sent me the coolest USB flash drive  - in the shape of a tub of Häagan-Dazs as well as some absolutely lovely Cow Shed smellies. How can you turn that down?! The other week I was sent a new product to try - Secret Sensations which in inspired by two of the world's most decadent desserts, combining delicious creamy ice cream with a "heart" of rich sauce. Secret Sensations comes in two indulgent flavours: Chocolate Fondant - a blend of delicious chocolate ice cream with soft brownie pieces surrounding a chocolate sauce centre and Creme Brulee - which combines smooth ice cream with small, crunchy caramel biscuit pieces and a smooth caramel sauce centre.

These are seriously good, anyone who loves desserts and ice cream are going to adore these.  The Chocolate Fondant was my personal favourite but they are both delicious. The Secret Sensations range is available from January 2012 as a pack of two 100ml mini cups (RRP £3.29) or as individual mini cups (RRP £1.99).

LG Electronics

Not strictly a food review but I think it fits in well as I did get to eat lots of lovely food, LG very kindly sent me a hamper of lovely treats as well as a bumper box of Finish dishwasher tables which came in extremely useful over the Christmas period when I think at one point, my dishwasher was in use twice a day!  It doesn't surprise me that new research from LG Electronics reveals that one in three Brits say that washing the dishes after the Christmas dinner tops the festive woes!  Apparently the nation collectively spends 25.5million hours scraping away the turkey fat and cranberry sauce during the festive season and nearly half the nation says they do more washing up over the Christmas holidays than during any other time of the year. I could not be without my dishwasher so thank you to LG for furnishing me with supplies that means I don't have to!

My very lovely polka dot lined hamper (have they been stalking me?) was crammed full of delicious festive treats like a mini Christmas cake, Christmas puddings, cranberry & orange conserve and cranberry biscuits amongst others and it all went down a treat!

That's it for now. Thank you for joining me on Friday Foody Round Up!

love & kisses
Mrs M x

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  1. Wow, those ice cream pots look SERIOUSLY good. Will be looking out for them!

    My top tip for Christmas dinner is to cook as much as possible in disposable foil trays. Not particularly environmentally friendly, but useful as a one off way to make the day a little bit easier on yourself.



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