Sunday, 15 January 2012

Holiday 2012

So, imagine this. You've got the chance of one week away, childless of course. Where would you go? (Of course, you may be a parent who couldn't and wouldn't dream of going away without their children, but please, humour me).

Would you go somewhere cold - an activity like skiing or would you opt for some sunshine? City break or lazing on a beach? Cultural or an escape? Would you go somewhere new or somewhere cosy and familiar? 

Mr M has just turned 40 and my parents have rather generously offered to take care of the children whilst we go away for a week. We're unrestricted on time of year so the world pretty much is our oyster.

We've so far toyed with taking off for a week and going to the grand prix in Monza before driving to Venice via Lake Garda and Verona (the timing of that trip would tie in with our wedding anniversary) or just taking off to a hot place to lie in the sun with nothing but a book and and iPod for company.  I'd be quite up for a city break to New York but Mr M wasn't enamoured on our last trip and clearly, it's his birthday so that's out of the window.

I'm finding it so hard to decide when we've pretty much no limitations, other than cost of course! Since a child-free holiday is not an everyday occurrence we want to be sure to not waste the chance and part of me feels that lazing around in the sunshine in peace and quiet is something I haven't been able to enjoy for 6 years!

I'd really like to hear where you would go for one week if you had no limitations and cost wasn't an important factor.  Your dream holidays might help me find ours!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. We've done it before but I'd love to do a week travelling around Spain visiting the cities we've not been to yet. I love the whole country, away from the Costas. And, I'd be tempted to do it by train. gives some great tips on travelling from London to the major cities of Europe. That might make it feel special and different.

  2. If you're going in the Spring, I'd go to Nice and stay at the Hotel Negresco. That would be a trip you'd never forget. Nice is fab at that time of year and you've got easy access to other gorgeous spots if you hire a car.

  3. New York or Las Vegas without a doubt.

    But also a beach holiday would be fab, lazing all day and then drinking all night!

    Enjoy! Beyond Jealous! xxx

  4. Baked By Becky15 January 2012 22:33

    If it were totally down to me I would opt for a complete lazy week on the beach with lots of sunbathing, swimming, reading and relaxing! Holidays are not the same now we have kids! Although I love city breaks and went to New York in December sans kids it wasn't exactly relaxing! Enjoy, whatever you decide!

  5. You're right, too much choice is not always a good thing! I think I would opt for a city break or some sort of sightseeing, because it's easy to do a beach type holiday WITH kids, so I'd take advantage of not having them. I'm thinking Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, Bruges. If you fancy Eastern Europe, I've been to and loved Prague, Budapest. Krakow not so much. If you're feeling flush, Hong Kong or Bangkok are both amazing cities, as is Singapore. Vegas is another possibility, but very 'full on'. I could go on, but I'll stop now! x


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