Monday, 16 January 2012

Meal Planning Monday (15th January 2012)

Wow you guys! I thought the previous week had been bumper but last week was even more so! Thanks so much for all your entries, I've enjoyed reading them even if it did take me ages, and two glasses of wine... 

There was a lot of sausages cropping up last week? It seemed to be a recurring theme and has inspired my meal planning this week. Lauren also inspired me to have a fish finger sarnie this week!

I'm being a bit ambitious this week, much to the dismay of my husband. Poor old Mr M always complains that he rarely gets the same meal twice! Does anyone else have this problem? I can't help it, I just like to experiment!

In no particular order, this is what is planned this week

Posh fish finger sandwich & chips
Lamb curry (a Jamie Oliver recipe) with rice & naan bread
Sausage casserole & mashed potatoes
Creamy pancetta & mushroom pasta with garlic pizza bread
Soup and warm baguette (soup will be this which is my favourite in the whole world!)

Yes. As you can see, I make a lot of things but I don't make soup. That's not because I don't want to but because I am rubbish at it. Well, I'm probably not rubbish but I can never do it as good as Heinz or New Covent Garden so I don't see the point! There are no nasties in the New Covent Garden soup so I feel it is just as good as making my own.

The Linky is below so join in and I'll check out your blog posts later this week. If you use the hash-tag #mealplanningmonday on Twitter along with your blog post I'll RT as many as I can. Don't forget to tell your friends about Meal Planning Monday - the posts are so good for inspiration!

Until next week...

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. I love sausages and am having sausage casserole for my lunch this week.

  2. Dear Mrs. M, it's always a pleasure every week to see what you'll come up with. Your husband is lucky to never have the same meal twice. Shame on him! Keep up the good work.

    Cooksploratrice (

  3. Oh I would love to incorporate more pasta in our diets but hubby really doesn't like it so I have to have it when he's out! Love the sound of the pancetta dish with garlic bread! nom nom

  4. Aww I think Mr M should swap places with my husband, he's getting sick of the same recipes I use from week to week! I'm sure that would help him realise what a lucky fella he is ;-) x

  5. I wrote mine and then forgot to post it! Just found it in my drafts, so I've published it now :)
    Loving the sound of sausage casserole, and the pasta recipe you posted last week sounded amazing!

  6. oh no! I missed the linky!

    Not sur ethat we are so good at actually following through though.
    Disorganised monkey :(


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