Monday, 30 April 2012

Meal Planning Monday (30th April 2012)

Morning! We're all still here then? Not been swept away? I almost considered building an ark this weekend however today it's glorious and the sun is shining, but of course that means a bout of hay fever too... can't have everything I suppose!

This week, there is no plan. Various members of my family have succumbed to illnesses in the past few week and despite that I managed to stick to my plan quite well however Mr M still has zero appetite and cooking up a big meal just for one is a bit of a chore so this week I'm taking it easy and in terms of meals it's probably going to be salad, salad and more salad as I am attempting to be healthy. 

My lack of plan does not let you off the hook, oh no. I still want to see what you've got up your sleeve  this week so do tell all. I'm really hoping the weather gets warmer now so I can dust off that BBQ, I have some great recipe ideas saved that I'm dying to try out!

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  1. Hi I am new to your blog via Knees Up Mother Brown, sorry your family are all poorly, I hope it improves quickly.
    I think I shall try taking part in this, but it can be quite difficult as our lives warrant alot of hospital visits, but would certainly help my food shop bill.
    You have such a pretty blog, I am off to take a lookie x

  2. Great plans as always and I like yours too Mrs M! I will be back with mine later, as I am off shopping now, and will know what I am planning afterwards!
    GET WELL SOON all of husband is ill too, and so is my daughter....

  3. PS: When I said I liked your plan, it was the NO plan that I liked! Still a planning rebel!

  4. Still here!

    Got to do a shop tonight so will read others in linky to see if anything exciting comes up!


  5. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  6. yes real great plans sounds great
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  7. Sorry I'm not joining in this week. Nursing headaches and cold sore, general lethargy and self pity! Hope you have a good week and feel better yourself soon xxx

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