Sunday, 15 April 2012

The new addition to our family...

Meet Clementine, or Clemmie to her friends!

Yes, our new 1972 Type 2 VW Campervan! Isn't she lovely? And very orange?

I have to say I was dubious about the orange but I am learning to love it and embrace it and have now embarked on a very unhealthy obsessive hunt of vintage melamine and camping accessories in retro colours.

Owning a VW camper has been one of our dreams for years, hell it was even on the Bucket List and we decided we couldn't procrastinate about it for much longer and decided to take the leap!  We bought the van off a friend and she's pretty much read to roll. There are a few tweaks I'd like to do which are aesthetics more then necessities - like paint the wooden cupboards inside, paint some of the metal work inside, change the curtains etc but these can all wait until the winter. Once we've got seat belts fitted in the rear we're just going to get on and enjoy using the van, although I am planning to change the wheel cover on the front to one like this...

I'm not sure though, what do you think? Yay or nay? I'm a bit of a sad-sack and the first thing I bought for the van was a hip-shaking hula girl for the dashboard. Could I be anymore kitsch?

The camper has got a pop-top and we have two bunks up there. I'm a bit nervous about putting the children on there but we'll see how it goes. We have a driveway awning with the van but I'd prefer not to sleep in there if I don't have to, and I won't put the children out there on their own. 

We're going to take the van out on a day trip first, ease ourselves in slowly, then we plan to have lot of weekends away! I'm sure you'll get to hear lots about our trips over the summer - if you've got any suggestions of good places to go or great campsites to visit, let me know!


  1. Ooh, now, we had one exactly like that when we were kids, but my mum didn't really do camping. They just used it to transport us all around (there were 4 of us!). I used to love it.

    Enjoy getting out and about in it.

  2. *Drool* is about all I can say. I recommend Shell Island in Wales, we've camped there several times, albeit in a tent. It's fab, you access it via tidal causeway, it's filled with massive sand dunes and is near Snowdonia national park, you can see Snowdon from the island.

  3. Oooh I love it. Can't wait to hear about your travels x

  4. So cool, love it! Xxx


    You will have so much fun in your van. I can tell you a great place to start- Hatton Country World do camping weekends, with a campfire, a bug man and a disco. And it it pours with rain, you will be home in no time.

    We dont use out bunks in the roof either, but we have one bunk which goes over the cab and then one of us sleeps with the kids in the awning.

    Top tip- buy a memory foam mattress topper for the double bed in the van, you will sleep so much better.

  6. Well Jel

    We had one when we were kids, France, Cornwall would love another, but with the price of petrol - I don't think we'd be able to too far!!!

  7. Ooooh *dribbles just a little bit*. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit envious of your van. Great colour - a classic and I quite like the black cover, goes well with the orange. I have a far off dream to trundle around to festivals in a VW van, can't ever see it happening and I will have to camp forever more!
    Have fun!!!!!! x x

  8. Beautiful and classy! Well, congrats on getting one item crossed out on your bucket list. From the looks of it, that van still has a couple or road trips left in it. Have fun! The color orange is pretty snappy on that vehicle too.


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