Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Product Review: Hello Canvas

Recently I was approached by Hello Canvas who asked me if I'd like to send them a photo for them to print onto canvas for me.  I don't have any canvas photos in my house, they're all framed but I thought, why not.

I take a lot of photos, and I mean a lot. Our recent family holiday to Florida saw us taking around 2,000 photos over the course of two weeks. Until recently, I didn't do a lot with them but have started making photo books and framing and hanging them all over the house. What's the point in taking great photos if you're not going to look at them?

I've seen companies offering canvas printing around and about in shopping centres but had never considered that I could upload and order online. That sounds crazy now I think about it, I mean you can do everything online, but it's true. Hello Canvas were founded in 2004 and they are the largest photo on canvas website in the UK and across Europe. The prices are extremely reasonable and the range of sizes available is good too.

I sent my chosen photo to Hello Canvas as instructed and a couple of days later there was a knock at the door and my canvas was delivered! It was extremely well-packaged to prevent any damage in transit, in a robust cardboard box and then bubble wrapped inside. I was sent a 20 x 28 inch canvas which was bigger than I had expected (don't ask me why, they had told me the size in advance but I don't have much concept of these things...) and I have to say I was instantly impressed with the quality. I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting to be. I've never really been a fan of the canvas photos but I might well just be a convert. Mr M has always liked canvas prints so I think he's glad I am coming around to his way of thinking.

(I'm going to say now, that the image wasn't just of their feet...however I chose to protect my children's identity on my blog until they are old enough to make their own decisions!)

The image on the canvas was exactly the same and as good as the one on the original photo. I truly love it and it's filled a nice big space in the children's playroom. A 20 x 28 canvas is £39 including delivery (normally within a week of ordering) and for this level of service and quality, I'd be more than happy to pay that.

Mooching around the Hello Canvas website, I noticed there are a whole host of effects you can have applied to your original image too. For example, you can change it to black and white, remove red eye plus some other fun effects, and if you do like framing, you can buy one of the floating frames.

Image Credits: Hello Canvas

We'll definitely be ordering some more, I'd like to get one of my wedding photos done on canvas now to put in our bedroom which is a complete blank canvas (boom tish) at the moment.

With thanks to Hello Canvas for letting me try out their service.


  1. What a great thing. I am trying to get things sorted in our house so we use the space available more creatively. Canvas's always look so nice when completed

  2. really appealing concept thanks for sharing i will definitely try into the wall of my daughter room


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