Monday, 15 October 2012

Meal Planning Monday (15th October 2012)

Biggest apologies ever - is this the latest #mealplanningmonday ever? I've been rubbish today but I'm really struggling with keeping on top of everything right now, life seems to be manic.

Anyway I am here now and the Linky is below so you can add your posts.

There's not really a meal plan from me this week - I'm starting a diet (I've got a sad face right now...). Clearly that doesn't mean I can't meal plan, I will do in the next few weeks but whenever I start a diet I always go in with ready meals to help me get used to smaller portions. For some reason this trains me! This week is a mixture of lasagne, moussaka  shepherds pie, risotto etc All from the Waitrose Love Life range. I find that Waitrose ready meals are pretty taste. I supplement them with lots of veggies.  Next week I'll plan some more healthy, diet-friendly meals but I didn't have time this weekend and the diet was kind of spontaneous so ready meals work!

So what have you got planned this week? The Linky is below so get submitting your blog posts. Don't forget to keep spreading the word about #mealplanningmonday. If you're new and not sure what's going on please ask - but basically just share your blog post about what you're eating this week below. If you don't write a blog, just leave a comment!


  1. I can sympathise with the diet aspect. I decided today that my mission is to lose 30lbs by 30 March (or 30x30 as I've Americanised it in my head) so am also cutting portion sizes and eating more healthily and exercising with intent.Will look forward to your recipes when you get cooking again :)


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