Friday, 2 November 2012

Product Review: Karcher Window Vac

I know a window vac might be a strange thing to want to review but honestly Mr M, as chief window cleaner, could not wait to get his hands on this product! We'd ready some sterling reviews of this product and wonder if it could really be that good.

With it's distinctive yellow Karcher branding, the Window Vac is a product designed to make light work out of cleaning your windows. It sucks surfaces bone dry and leaves them streak free - making it easy to achieve beautifully clean and clear windows.

If you're living in a mansion then good news! You can clean up to 45 windows in a single charge and because it's so lightweight (0.7kg) it's not too hard on the arms. 

The Window Vac isn't just for windows though, oh no. You can use it on mirrors, tiles, condensation on windows, even spills on floors and worktops but my personal favourite use is on the shower screen. I find it impossible to get my shower screen perfectly crystal clear but the Window Vac does it perfectly!

What did we think of the Window Vac? Well we loved it.  It did exactly what it promised - left us with streak free windows, no drips and although we don't live in a mansion, we do have a lot of windows and external doors (20 doors and windows plus a conservatory!) so I feel that we had more than ample chance to give it a run for it's money and true to word, a single charge was more than enough to get the job completed.

There are currently four different models of Window Vac - you can see them all here.   We were sent the WV50 Plus which comes complete with the spray bottle with micro-fibre head and some cleaning concentrate, both of which are also available as optional extras if you just buy the basic model. I will say that we liked the spray bottle with the micro-fibre head however it's not really necessary and you can do just the same job with a sponge and an ordinary spray bottle.

Would I recommend this product? Yes I would. It is one of those products that you might see on a shopping channel and think  "nah, it's just a gimmick" but it really does work well and as always with Karcher, it's great quality from a brand that I trust.  I think the reviews on Amazon from hundreds of happy customers speak for themselves.  So if window cleaning is a bugbear for you (or your husband *cough*) you won't go wrong with this!

The Karcher Window Vac starts at a RRP of £59.99 for the basic model, the WV50.

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