Monday, 24 December 2012

Meal Planning Monday (24th December 2012)

Okay, so I am not just really late with Meal Planning Monday. Nope. I'm not just late, I totally forgot! Argh! In my defense  if there could be one, it's Christmas Eve and my day started with a 7.30am trip to Waitrose to beat the rush (which I managed by the way and was home by 8.30am).

This is going to be a brief post as I'm super busy prepping dinner for tomorrow so here's what we're having this week. Tonight is homemade sausage rolls, with potato salad, ham, coleslaw etc, tomorrow is the usual Turkey dinner, Boxing Day will be party food and leftovers, the day after we're having nachos and the day after that spaghetti bolognese. There's also more party food and pizza for the taking so that's us sorted really through the weekend.

It's not very exciting, but it's Christmas and I like it to be easy and love picky bits for tea. 

Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow wherever you're spending it and I look forward to catching up with you next week for the last #mealplanningmonday of 2012!


  1. Happy Christmas and here's to lots more meal planning in 2013!


  2. wishing you a merry Christmas

  3. Hope all the Meal Planners have a lovely Christmas xxx


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