Friday, 14 December 2012

Morphy Richards Fleece Heated Mattress Cover

As you may know from previous posts and that bade over there ---> I am a Morphy Richards Innovator which means I get to try out and review various Morphy Richards products. The latest item I was offered was a heated mattress cover - basically an electric blanket. I know, it doesn't sound like the most exciting of items but first you need a little background.

I live in the coldest house in existence. Okay, it might not be actually the coldest but it's up there. In the past few years we've installed double glazing, re-insulated the entire house (and then some), new radiators and boiler, installed a wood-burning stove and so on and it's still cold. Brass monkeys is a phrase that comes to mind. Part of the problem is that our house is pretty exposed to the elements, the other part is it's a large-ish house and takes a while to warm up and we're tight with the heating as it's oil-fired, and oil is NOT cheap. 

Add this to someone who hates being cold and seems to have permanently icy extremities , especially at night where between the months of October and May I'm not often found without a hot bottle surgically attached to my tootsies, and you have a little clue as to why might be the perfect present for a girl like me - yes - a washable fleece heated mattress cover. 

The blanket has four heating settings and you need to allow at least an hour for the blanket to heat the bed thoroughly, but this can vary. Apparently in cold weather all electric blankets take longer heat the bed and as I live in the house version of Antartica, I've been putting it on about 90 minutes or so before we go to bed.  One of my biggest concerns was safety, I don't know why, I must have heard some horror stories in the past however they are safe to use all night and it's recommended you switch it to the lower settings at night whilst you sleep. The blanket will also automatically shut off in the power reaches a temperature that is higher than considered comfortable - although I have no idea what this temperature might be.

It's completely washable - remember to remove all the controls - but cannot be dry cleaned or ironed. You need to wash it was wool at 40c or you can hand-wash it and before you dry it (tumble drying on low is fine) you need to stretch it back to it's original shape and size and they recommend you measure it before washing. I haven't washed it yet so can't really comment on this but it does sound like something I wouldn't want to be doing too often due to the faffness.  

Now, Mr M isn't the same as me and he actually hates to have hot feet in bed but one of the biggest selling points of this particular mattress cover is that is has dual control meaning that due to it having completely separate elements and independent mains leads, we are both able to control our own sides of the bed, tailoring independent temperatures to our own needs. Fab!

I've toyed with buying an electric blanket for years and now I've tried one (and realised they're not just for 80 year olds) I'm wondering why I've never used one before! I'm actually contemplating whether, with electric hook-up this would be a good thing to take in my campervan? What do you think?

With thanks to Morphy Richards for providing this product for review.  The product is available to buy now with a RRP of £89.99.

PS I had hoped to take more photos of the actual product but it was pretty hard to take an interesting photo of my bed...


  1. this looks awesome! Our latest electric blanket has just blown up (OK, it no longer works) it had two controls and I miss it terribly. This looks like it would make a super replacement.

  2. I know, it doesn't sound like the most exciting of items but first you need a little background.


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