Sunday, 2 December 2012

Product Review: Bee-Ball Basketball Stand

A couple of months ago I was asked by Big Game Hunters if I would like to review a product for them.   Big Game Hunters started out its creator decided he needed something for his children's birthday party and came up with the idea of giant-sized games that can be played outside in the garden. He then started Big Game Hunters in order to sell his products however the website has now branched out and sells all kinds of play equipment like trampolines, climbing frames and playhouses.  One thing I like about Big Game Hunters they're a small company, if you phone up you get to speak to real people, in the know and I'm quite jealous of their rather pleasant sounding office location, although if you were to ring our office you'd also hear dogs barking - must be more common to bring dogs to work these days!

We're rather outdoorsy people these days (much to my dismay) so we've already got an abundance of outdoor toys at home but one thing we didn't have that I've always quite fancied was a basketball hoop so we selected the Bee-Ball Compact Basketball Stand.

The Bee-Ball Compact Basketball Hoop is designed to be an attractive portable junior hoop at an affordable price. It comes complete with full instructions in the box and is very easy to assemble. It's sturdy and all you need to do to make sure it doesn't wobble over is full the base with sand or water.

A basketball hoop on a stand is great for us as we live in a dormer bungalow which means we really don't have the wall height to fix a wall-mounted one.  Whilst my children are still a little bit young to really get full value out of something like this, it doesn't stop them trying to shoot a few hoops and anything that gets them off the sofa and running around outdoors is good in my book. As it's so reasonably priced I think this is a great product for anyone just starting out and is also a great group activity when they have friends around or even just with the family at home - I can foresee many competitive summer evenings in the future! 

The Bee-Ball Compact Basketball Stand is available from Big Game Hunters for £74.99 and comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.

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