Thursday, 6 December 2012

Product Review: Molehill Mania

We love a game in our house, my 5 year old boy is especially fond of them so we were very excited to when Mattel sent us Molehill Mania to try out.  I think I was most excited by the fact that there were no batteries required, a rarity in toys and games these days. That fact alone makes this a keeper!

The object of the game is simple, collect the most moles to win! Hitting the planks with the mallets sends the moles flying out of the molehill and you then have to collect them up.

What's in the box? The game comprises of 1 molehill unit, 2 mallets and 11 moles (5 green, 5 blue and 1 red).

There are three different levels of play. Level 1 is the most basic - collect the most moles to win. Each player takes a mallet, place all the moles in the molehill and go for it.  After all the moles have been evicted from the molehill, race to collect as many as you can. The mallets have a little yellow mole in the top and when 6 moles have been collected the little yellow fella pops up. The first player to 6 moles win.  With level 2, the gameplay introduces colours and you have to get all of the moles of your colour then race to grab the red one and level 3 introduces points - different moles are worth different values (green is 1pt, blue 3pts, red 5 pts) and whoever gets the most points wins. 

I like that there are three different ways to play as it keeps it interesting for the children as they can decide which they want to play and it livens it up a bit more than just playing it in one way all the time. Of course generally my son just bashes hell out of it and plays it any way he likes!

From a parenting point of view, this game is rather noisy - in both the game play and the excited shrieking coming from my children however it's all good fun and they do enjoy playing it a lot.

The game is aged at 4 years and over which I think it is aimed at the right age, although younger children would quite easily get the concept of it and it's probably just the small moles that the people should be wary of.

Molehill Mania is available now from all good toy and game retailers.

With thanks to Mattel for providing this game for review.

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