Monday, 24 December 2012

Seasonal shopping with Sainsburys

As I mentioned a few weeks ago in a previous blog post, this winter I have been a Christmas Ambassador for Sainsbury's and they very kindly sent me some vouchers to spend on Christmas goodies.  As you'll see from that post I got to buying Christmas essentials early on but did a much bigger shop this week for the remainder of what I needed - aside from the fresh stuff, which frustratingly was all going out of date by Christmas Eve. 

Forgive me Sainsbury's for using retailers-whose-name-we-will-not-mention reusable bags
What did I buy? What didn't I would be the more prudent question. This little lot came to £150, there's a chance I went overboard. You want to see what is considered a Christmas essential in the M household? Okay, here goes.

The alcohol. Of course very much a necessity  Prosecco for Christmas morning, Jack Daniels for the mister and some cheeky Chambord for adding to the Prosecco. Both the Prosecco and Chambord were on offer so it would have been rude to leave them there. If you've not tried Chambord, you should. 

Part-baked petits pains and baguettes are a store-cupboard must-have at this time of year. They keep for months and are the perfect emergency item if you should run out of bread whilst the shops are closed.

Cheeses. Believe it or not this is just a fraction of the cheese currently being housed in my fridge and doesn't include the two really stinky Camemberts I bought and that have had to be housed in the camping fridge. We also have enough Cheddar to see out the end of our days and there's an assortment of Babybel/Cheese strings/Dippers for the taking too.

The Christmas ham. I cook one every year on Christmas Eve, as you may know from reading my blog.  For the past two years I have bought them from the butchers however I've gone back to the supermarket as I've found them better value and actually, better quality. It's not Christmas without all-you-can-eat ham.

That leads me on to copious amounts of ginger ale to cook said ham in! I'll be blogging the recipe some time next week after I've cooked it.

Sausagemeat for making my sausage rolls. The recipe I use calls for cumberland sausages  - it ends up taking quite a while to squeeze it all out of the skin, although it is quite satisfying but this sausagemeat with it's sage and onion caught my eye and I thought I'd give it a try instead. Will let you know how I get on!

Then there was the replacement peanuts for the ones I bought last time that we accidentally ate, blinis for Christmas morning, some rather tasty looking mince tarts that caught my eye and some bruschetta for topping with the leftover cheese bits.

I'd just like to say I have NO idea how these got into my trolley.
Of course there was lots of other things like *deep breath* disposable roasting trays (a must!), tea bags, clementines, lemonade, Vimto, soured cream, gravy granules, Pringles, cocktail gherkins (Mr M nearly vomited when he saw these, I loved them!), hash browns (for gutbuster breakfasts), Doritos, eggs by the dozen, smoked salmon, dips, vats of milk, creams of several varieties, bacon by the truckload and many many cocktail sausages. It all got quite expensive but I did take advantage of several 2 for 1's and 2 for £1 type offers. No, I didn't need TWO tubs of Pringles but they were on a BOGOF - what can you do?

Hope you all have a yummy festive food filled Christmas - and thank you to Sainsburys for helping me to gain some more weight over the festive period....


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