Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Golden Globes 2013

It's been a while since I've done one of my "here's-what-I-thought-of-all-those-frocks" posts but we're ramping up into awards season and I'm full of a cold and haven't got much energy so a post all about the pretty is perfect for right now.

As usual I am going to a HIT and MISS split. We all have different tastes so there's a good chance you may not like what I like, but that's half the fun. We can't all be the same.  I think it's fair to say there were more that I didn't like but I've tried to make this post pretty even.


Glenn Close looks beautiful and glamourous in an age-appropriate outfit.  A quick Google tells me she's 65, wow!

I saw on Twitter that not everyone liked Jessica Alba's dress, but personally I love it. I think the colour is eye-catching and the shape is beautiful. Old school glamour.

Love Zooey Deschanel and love this red Oscar De La Renta dress.

Megan Fox looks fab and really pulls this nude/neutral shade off. Shows off her curves perfectly.

I love Olivia Munn's simple but classy outfit. No fuss, but she's working it.

Va-va-voom! Love this dress on Salma Hayek. Gives her an amazing shape.

For some reason Taylor Swift makes me want to poke myself in the eye but I do really like this dress so she's got to make it into the hits.

Sophia Vergara is my body idol, I love her and this dress suits her curves perfectly.

For me the standout was definitely Jennifer Lawrence - what a dress and I just completely adore the colour of it. 

Love her or hate her, this shade looks fab on Anne Hathaway and the silhouette this dress creates is pretty darned amazing.


I'm sorry, I am a BIG Emily Blunt fan but I can't help feel this makes her look a little like an extra of Strictly Come Dancing.

Is it me or does Sarah Hyland just look a bit odd in this photo? I'm not sure if it's the lollipop head or the smushed boobies but something's not quite right and she looks way older than her 22 years.

Strange choice for Sienna Miller. Not so much red carpet as granny's bed throw.

Halle Berry always looks a bit, erm, cheap to me. Yes, she's got an amazing body that can't be denied but hmm, this doesn't work for me I'm afraid.

Everyone raves about Miranda Kerr and personally I don't get it. I think this dress is okay but there's a bit too much boobage. Put it away love.

Love Amy Adams but not sure this dress does a whole lot for her. The colour is a bit meh and she doesn't look comfortable. I bet it's a bitch to sit down in.

Julie Bowen. Too. Much. Fabric.

Guiliana Rancic. This is just all very strange.  

Oh look. It's Adele in a shapeless black sack again. I know she's a big girl but there must be something more flattering out there for her.

Rachel Weisz, you've got 007 himself on your arm. You can do better than this. The top is passable, I'm not sure what is going on with the bottom half.

And finally, I have only one thought left. Why.

And there it is - my thoughts on Golden Globes fashions. What were your hits and misses? Which one did you love? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Whoops. I have no idea how this ended up here. At all. No idea.

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  1. I would have loved to have seen Adele in something more flattering. She's so pretty and just because she's not a twiglet doesn't mean her only option is a black sack :(

    Totally agree with the Amy Adams comment. Why do some women shoehorn themselves into a dress so tight it cuts off their circulation? They've got amazing figures so it's not like they need to make their silhouette even smaller.

    And Megan Fox's dress was pretty, the poor love seems to have been suffering from toothache... oh, no, that's just her normal sour look :/


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