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Putting the fun into household appliances – retro style!

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Modern homes may look sleek and chic, but when you want to liven up your house and get hold of some gadgets you will actually want to use (rather than cower away from in fear of smashing their shimmering, other-worldly exteriors) it may be time to go retro…  

Get 1950s' glamour
No matter how good your intentions, or how convincing your "perfect housewife" style apron, getting the family ready in the morning can be a less than glamorous affair. But what if you had some super-stylish retro-inspired accessories to help you along? A little bit of me is convinced it would help; see if I can convince you…

It's seven in the morning and I've got just one thing on my mind…toast! The Vintage Icona toaster by DeLonghi perfectly evokes the sophisticated designs of the 1950s, and the green coloured version - which happily reminds me of mint ice cream - is perfect. Just wait till you see the dials and cute brown buttons!

I may just be going green mad, but the shade certainly makes the Retro Green Food and Beverage Blender from Waring Pro look like it's straight from a 50s diner. With this on my counter-top, I can really picture myself making healthy fruit smoothies and nutritious soups. Hang on, I don't own that fabulous outfit…and my hair never looks that good. Ahh yes, wishful thinking strikes again!

Who hasn't longed for a vintage rotary phone? Thanks to all those black and white films, I can't help but associate them with the image of a glamorous woman, whether she's reclining on a chair being told how fabulous she is or getting the call that sparks a (surprisingly flattering) panic in true Hitchcockian style. But for a fun take on the retro piece, and for a style that fits much better into a kitchen, the wall-mounted, three-slot payphone style version here is perfect. It's fully working with a BT adaptor. Okay, so the rotary dial is only for show and there are push buttons, but isn't that a good thing? Imagine having to use rotary in a rush?!
Have 1980s' fun

The first name in 80s housework: Henry the vacuum cleaner. This cheeky fellow first started eating dirt in 1981, and I for one hope he's got plenty more years left in him! It seems he does - retailers like Ebuyer have him in stock.  It's not as though you have to sacrifice the functionality to get the aesthetic either; good old Henry's a high-performance vacuum with a nine litre capacity, and he'll keep smiling while he cleans your house from top to bottom. You can also feel good about using this retro classic as he has an AutoSave function meaning 50 per cent lower energy use. You can get the vacuum in other colours, but red will always be the iconic Henry!

When you think about the 80s' kitchen, one feature is sure to stand out in your mind: the Sodastream. This gadget was hugely popular in the 1980s, as is back today to deliver a fizzy hit of childhood nostalgia. You can choose a colour to suit your kitchen; personally, I think the white one is best for true 80s authenticity!

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