Sunday, 6 January 2013

These boots were made for walking...

....and that's just what they'll do.

But not on my feet, no the feet of my 6 year old.

I was recently asked by Barratts if I would like to review a pair of children's boots and as my daughter is a bit of a shoe-lover I couldn't really refuse. (She doesn't get it from me, honest...).

The first thing I needed to do was select a pair of boots and I chose these.

Let me start by saying that I was impressed by the amount of choice on the Barratts website. My daughter generally has a new pair of boots every year but I'll be honest I've not actually looked at Barratts as our town doesn't have one anymore and I normally like to try boots on first.  On their website Barratts had a variety of shapes, sizes, lengths and colours - literally something for everyone. 

I rather boringly selected a black pair (they also come in brown) but this is because she currently has a red pair, which are beautiful but we tend to have some tights v's boots clashes from time to time so I thought maybe black would resolve that issue!  I also selected Hush Puppies because I've heard they are good for comfort which is very important for little feet!

The boots have a buckle and strap detail at the base of the boot leg and have a flower detail on the side - which my daughter loved. There's a standard zip on the side and the heel is flat and sensible with good grips.

What did we think? Well I'll be honest and say that we've not had full use out of these boots yet as they're a bit too big for her. I ordered a Size 13 as her current Size 12 boots are rubbing on her feet but I forgot that old thing of shoe sizes being completely different in different shops and therefore these boots are currently a bit big for her, probably too big to comfortably wear out. The top on the boot is quite wide around the calves too but I'm hoping that as her feet get bigger her little sparrow legs will too!

The quality of the boot seems good and I think she'll get a lot of wear out of these over the next year. They seem comfy although she's not yet walked long distance in them so time will tell. One thing I must say about Barratts - I was impressed that they included two pairs of inside soles in the box with the boots as when I've been to other shops I've always had to pay for them so that was a nice surprise! The inside sole definitely makes the boot fit together and cushions the foot a little bit more.

Would I buy these boots? Yes I would as they seem well-made, comfortable and very reasonably priced!

With thanks to Barratts for providing these boots for review.

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