Friday, 8 February 2013

Artists - we need your help!

Regular readers to my blog or followers on Twitter may know that I am a big supporter of Camille's Appeal which is a charity set up in the name of one of the bravest girls in the world and the daughter of a friend. A couple of years ago I did a blog post about the charity which you can read here.  Since I wrote that post, BIG things have happened for Camille and also for the charity. Camille has endured grueling chemotherapy, proton therapy treatments and operations to remove the tumour - it wasn't a pleasant time and she was so brave and strong throughout. The result? She's just had her latest MRI scan and for the past two years as shown no evidence of any disease which as you can imagine is just the most wonderful news.  The charity itself is still going from strength to strength and recently made the announcement that they've signed the contract to confirm the funding of a neuro-oncology rehabilitation service at Addenbrooke's Hospital.  What this means though is that the money that is raised by charity supporters is all the more important now, to help keep a wonderful service like this running and to support all the other good causes that Camille's Appeal helps.

This is where you can help, by taking part in the Eight by Eight project.  

The project has been set up to raise the profile of Camille's Appeal and to help raise funds to support the charity's vital work.

The eightbyeight Project is bringing 'Childhood Explored to Eden Court, Inverness, in April 2013.

This exciting and uplifting exhibition explores the theme of childhood in many glorious ways, through diverse media.  This is thanks to the generous donations of artists, photographers, and other creatives from all over the UK.

The artworks in the show are all 8 by 8 inches in size and will be displayed in stunning groupings. They will celebrate both the beauty and skill of the individual works, but also the power of bringing together the pieces en masse - echoing the notion that by coming together in a spirit of charity and positivity, people can do great things.

The project is looking for all forms of art - drawings, paintings, photography, printmaking, illustrations, textiles and yarn work, silversmithing, jewellery making, small sculpture  models, papercraft, ceramics, glass...the list goes on!  The final deadline for submissions is 1st March 2013. The target is 100 and so far they've reached 73 submissions, so well on their way to meeting their target but they still need your help!  If you are an artist or photographer, or even just a creative individual please consider joining the eightbyeight Project. You can visit their website by clicking here to find out more about the project.

Thank you for reading.

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