Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Clearing out the clutter & pocketing the pennies!

I know it's not quite Spring yet, that would be a bit optimistic seeing as we had snow last week, but my mind has turned to spring cleaning.  I'm in the mood for clearing out the clutter that has gathered around me and there's no time like the present (I have to seize these moments when they attack me!).  I don't really know where all the stuff in my house comes from but what I do know is I have way more things around me than is necessary or sensible and I feel a clear-out is as good for the soul as chicken soup.

Apart from the sense of well being that cleaning out the random and unwanted stuff that has accumulated over time gives me, I also enjoy making myself a little bit of extra spending money by finding it a new home and where better to do that, than on Ebay.  Yes, the photographing and listing of everything is a bit of a chore and answering the mind-numbingly dull and random questions I get also tends to grate after a while but when I start to see my little Paypal fund mounting up, it's all worth it! 

A lot of the parcels I have been sending recently have been bulky items like toys and baby paraphernalia *sniff*.  One thing I can't bear about selling my used items is the packing and posting and usually I enlist Mr M to help. I've recently taken to using courier services like Parcelforce especially as it's so easy to organise it all online - I do all my Ebay packaging in the evening when the children are in bed so being able to organise the parcels online is perfect. All you need is the parcel's weight and dimensions (that's the tape-measure-wielding-husbands job) and the address of where it is going to. You can then either have it collected or if it's easier, drop it off at a depot.  There's a range of services to suit, depending on how quickly you want it there and all the parcels are tracked, which gives you reassurance and have compensation included, the level of which depends on the service you choose.

The best bit of the whole process is spending the hard-earned pennies and I already know where they'll be going - I'm going to treat myself to a Le Creuset grill pan. Glamorous huh? 

What do you do with your Ebay earnings? Splurge or save?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts are my own.

Image credits: Clutter: http://www.flickr.com/photos/diaphanous/86521967/ and Parcel: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mom2sofia/8394217408/


  1. I have never got the Ebay habit as a seller... It must be easy to do, just never had a part in my life. I will, I will; should 2013 be the year I start?

  2. I love ebaying,its so much warmer than a car boot sale.

    I've discovered online postage labels and its so much easier thanjuggling into the post office.


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