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Indian SuperMeals Baby & Toddler Cookbook

When the author of Indian SuperMeals, Zainab Jagot Ahmed, contacted me and asked me if I'd like to review her baby and toddler cookbook, I thought why not. Sure, I no long have any babies or even toddlers however I do still have children and many "toddler" recipes are suitable for children as well. 

At present, Indian SuperMeals is only available as an ebook, but seeing as I have iPods, iPads, iPhones and Kindles in the house - well clearly that's not an issue! I don't normally buy cookbooks as ebooks, as my heaving kitchen shelves show and I'm still not completely won over by cookbooks in this format however it would certainly save some space in my house!

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Indian SuperMeals was created out of Zainab's own interest in home-cooking for her baby and also her desire to keep in touch with her roots. It was apparent that there was a serious lack of Indian baby food cookery books in the market, so she decided to create her own! The "SuperMeals" part of the title refers to the extra health benefits that are associated with these meals due to the inclusion of carefully selected super foods and spices.

The author has provided a lot of detailed notes to help guide you through your weaning journey and  also talks us through the spices. This is quite interesting as we tend to feed our babies and toddlers quite bland food but I am positive I once read evidence to the contrary - that babies actually like strong tastes. My friends daughter for instance is an olive and gherkin lover!

Starting at Stage 2 (age 7 months +) the recipes are split into sections like "Veggie" and "Fish"  and include all manner of delights like Rainbow Veggie Pie, Sweet Potato Apple and Dahl Curry, Sweet Fish and Fruit Curry. There are also finger food ideas like Minted Green Beans and Roti Sticks.  The emphasis at this stage is soft lumps, mild spice and the introduction of self-feeding.   We then move onto Stage 3 (10 months +) and Stage 4 (age 1 - 3 years) with the recipes getting more sophisticated and a bit spicier.

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The recipes vary in length with some taking longer to prep and cook (a good curry always takes time in my experience) but the methods are easy to follow and there are no exotic ingredients to hunt down. All you really need is a good spice cupboard to hand. 

My verdict? I like the recipe ideas and will be trying out a few of them on my own children. Even through they are are now 5 and 7 they're not overly keen on curry and I think there's a few of these recipes that I could try to broaden their horizons a bit more.  There's lots of choice and a good variety of meat, fish and vegetable dishes. I think perhaps the ebook itself could benefit for a bit of tweaking as there are few apparent formatting issues on the copy I have however, I have had this for quite a while now so these could well have been rectified by now.

Indian SuperMeals is available at Amazon, priced at £3.99. Go on, spice up your toddlers life!

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  1. I like having cook books on my Kindle, it's easier to transport to the kitchen although it does lack the pictures that make a recipe fun to read! I have lots of obscure recipe books on there, from the 18th and 19th century, which I'm not sure about trying... sheep's head soup anyone?


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