Friday, 17 January 2014

Reasons to love American Hustle

A couple of weeks ago now I went to see American Hustle at the cinema with one of my girlfriends. I thought I was going to love this film and I did, completely. I've read mixed reviews about it - some are glowing, some are scathing. Ever think people takes things too seriously some times?  

This is a great film and very entertaining - you can watch the trailers here and here.  The second trailer shows a bit more of the storyline but the first one captures the essence of the film. I'm going to go back for a second watch this weekend with the husband as I think he will enjoy it too. Well, he'll definitely enjoy all the side boob action that Amy Adams so kindly delivers!

I love his film for many reasons and here's just a few of them;

Bradley Cooper's hair. It deserves an Oscar itself. Those curls. That's suffering for your art. 

Dedication to the job? Christian Bale was unrecognisable after putting on a whole heap of weight for this film. I've never really liked Christian Bale but kudos to him.

The soundtrack is AWESOME. Donna Summer, Harold & the Bluenotes, The BeeGees, Tom Jones, Elton John & Wings. All complete classic tracks. The Long Black Road by ELO sums the whole film up for me.

Jennifer Lawrence is just fabulous as the little bit manic-crazy Rosalyn Rosenfold. There's a particularly awesome scene set to Live and Let Die. Rosalyn is a great character and she plays it so well.

The fashion, oh the fashion. I have a little bit of a 70's obsession and watching this film has not helped it in any way. I'm not coveting disco frocks, fur coats, plunging necklines, big hats and even bigger hair.

Plus there's a cameo from Robert De Niro as, what else? A scary mobster! Yes it's been compared to Goodfellas but who cares? Where else do you see Bradley Cooper wearing rollers? I thought this film rocked!

Have you seen American Hustle? Would love to hear what you thought?

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